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Automatic flash 300 debut Qianjiang test drive, cancel the rear brake and gear lever
Release date:2024.01.11

On January 7, 2024, during the testing session after the QJMOTOR launch, the automatic Flash 300 attracted everyone's attention as soon as it was unveiled.

In terms of appearance, there is not much difference in the conventional version of Flash 300, which uses an automatic transmission design principle similar to that of the AMT automatic transmission in automobiles.

The control module collects the throttle opening and speed signals, issues instructions to the clutch controller and shift controller, and controls the clutch and transmission fork through the electronic shift mechanism to realize the shift and power combination separation.


Figure | engine electronic shift mechanism

At the same time, because of the lack of clutch handle, the car canceled the rear brake, changed to the left and right handle brake, and added an automatic shift button on the left handlebar of the vehicle, the rider can increase or decrease the gear through these buttons.


Figure | manual shift button

The industry's first listed non-polar variable speed cruise car is Zong Shen's Youmi, which is similar to the structure of the scooter non-polar variable speed. The appearance of the Qianjiang Flash 300 automatic file further proves that the simple operation of straddling may be the direction of personalized car technology development, and the key is that the technology should be mature. In pursuit of technological innovation, change is better than the same.

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