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2024 domestic market of these several street cars, how will you choose?
Release date:2024.01.11

When 400~500cc sports cars, ADV and other types of cars launched new cars, the heat was not so hot street cars actually ushered in some new models. Today, let's take a look at what new or modified street cars will be in the country in 2024.


The Austrian manufacturer released the all-new 390 DUKE in August last year, which used to be known as the Curved Little Rocket street car, in this revamp ushered in a comprehensive update from the inside out. The new design, the larger displacement of the engine, the frame, the brake is also strengthened.

The specific upgrade can see the previous report: the new 390 DUKE is coming, the displacement is increased, the weight is increased by 16kg~. Not to mention the appearance level of the new 390 DUKE, which depends on opinion; And the increase in weight, under some targeted optimization, the handling performance of the new car may be as fast as before.

The listing price of the new car is expected, the official promotion opened last year has 22 models to more than 30,000, and in the case of further intensified domestic competition, the new 390DUKE pricing may be more competitive than the previous 47,800 yuan.

Xinyuan XY500

In November last year in the declaration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's new model, has now been the first by its SWM in overseas launch, the overall shape of the new car is biased to the sports style, the original design of the body is a bonus, the power should be Longxin 525 platform to provide.

The price of Xinyuan model in China has always been very competitive, although SWM sold this Gran Milano 500 overseas to about 47,000, but in the current competitive environment in the domestic market, the subsequent listing price may be dry to more than 20,000.

Kawasaki Z500

Recently, Kawasaki, a big new energy, suddenly launched a new Z 500 at the 2023 Milan Auto Show, the new car as a whole continues the design of the previous generation of models, the front face has made some minor adjustments, the big light group is more detailed than before, and the new eye headlights seem to be more attractive.

The most important enhancement of the new Z500 is the increase in displacement to 451cc, the increase in displacement should be in response to Euro 5+, the power is reduced, the torque is increased, which may also enhance the driving experience for street cars. Unfortunately, the front fork is still upright.

The meter is another obvious change, the previous pointer +LCD dial is replaced by a new combined LCD meter; The instrument of the SE version of the model is close to the large displacement, with the TFT color dial, Kawasaki this knife method is used here to feel a little accurate, there is a need on the standard version is not enough.

Last year in the domestic many manufacturers have price reduction promotion, Kawasaki's movement is relatively little, Z400 current official price from 47,800 yuan, the competitiveness of the domestic market is not as good as before, the new Z500 listing may be adjusted.

CB500 Hornet

The new CB500 Hornet, the latest addition to Honda's Hornet range, does not feature the same headlight design as its two older brothers. Instead, the Hornet's front face looks a little more flattering, with a new, stylish taillight to match.

The new car continues the body structure of the CB500F, in order to improve the driving experience, Honda has also done some optimization, it is reported that the side pipes on both sides of the headlights into the aerodynamic design, helping to improve the handling flexibility, and bring a more linear steering sense.

Power is provided by the full-fledged 471cc engine, 5-inch TFT color gauges, HSTC traction control, and more; The hardware part remains the same.

The current official price of the Honda CB500F is 66,800 yuan, but this is only a reference; After the change to the Wasp 500 and the formation of a new sales company, the listing price of the CB500 Hornet may be adjusted.

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