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The new version of Cyberpunk flowers, Yamaha released 2024 T700S, YZF-R7
Release date:2024.01.11

Yamaha recently released the 2024 Tenere 700 and YZF-R7 in Taiwan Province, and both models of the 700 series have ushered in a little update.

There are two main aspects of the 2024 T700 optimization, the most important is to replace the vertical screen 5-inch full-color TFT instrument, and equipped with intelligent car function, in addition to the new handle button mode. The human-computer interaction experience is expected to improve slightly.

The ABS system has also been upgraded, with three modes: fully open, only rear wheel closed and fully closed, and users have more solutions to cope with different riding environments; And support the optional quick shift function.


T700 appearance design, engine, hardware configuration and other aspects are the same as before, hard ADV shape, 689cc two-cylinder engine can provide a maximum power of 54.0kW/9000rpm, maximum torque of 68.0N·m/6500rpm.

The 2024 T700 is available in three colors, namely "Icon Blue Blue dark gray", "Classic White White red" and "Tech Kamo Dark gray", and the new version of the flower is more embellished than the current domestic sale.


There are not many changes in the 2024 R7, the most important design is a bit of cyberpunk new coating, the new color with a large area of matte gray as the base color, the side is decorated with bright blue powder gradient color "R7" Logo, bright color has a sense of future science fiction.

YZF-R7 also has two versions of "Racing Blue dark gray" and "Midnight Black Dark gray Black", which are only adjusted in terms of details; The previously released red, yellow and white anniversary edition is no longer for sale.

Yamaha YZF-R7, T700 currently in the domestic price is 109,800 yuan starting, 2024 models will be listed, is expected to maintain the current price ~

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