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Good looking and good riding pedal, Honda no one can beat!
Release date:2024.01.18

New continent Honda NS125LA, this retro and romantic small pedal from last year began to explode, go to the local dealer booking car is generally no current car, waiting for a while, now it is estimated that the car is a lot of, now the color is a total of six colors, Goddess red, pearl blue, ivory white, pearl black, avocado green, and volcanic ash these six colors are relatively friendly to consumers, ah, after all, everyone has a love, the aesthetic is not the same.

Appearance: To focus on the appearance level of these six colors, a few days ago went to the local Honda dealer to see the real car, for myself, among the five colors, my favorite is goddess red, this color and the other four colors compared to I feel completely not a car really, goddess red this color looks not so monotonous, other colors you look at the past, Looks like an electric car, of course, not to say that other colors are not good, just too monotonous that's all, after all, Honda's quality is still the same.


For Honda's car in my impression, the most people's evaluation is durable, fuel saving, indeed in the case of today's oil prices so expensive, 92 gasoline has reached 9, fuel saving is very necessary, if there is a need to buy this car, I think try to choose goddess red, the real car is very beautiful, only this color is a double match color is very good, Other color matching and goddess red are no difference, you can also rest assured to choose.

Details: The details of the real car yesterday, the details are also very good, like the back of the mirror, including the balance block of the hand handle, and the protective cover of the exhaust pipe, with chrome plating technology, this technology used in these places, looks very good texture, will not give a cheap feeling, but also very bright.

Work: the paint water of the vehicle Honda or Honda, paint water really did not let people down, the paint water of the vehicle looks very nice, it looks very "run" very full, itself is a retro style, streamlined body, looking very comfortable, especially the goddess red color, double color, with some letter elements, looks more beautiful than other colors.

Of course, if some owners have strong hands-on ability, you can buy some of your favorite latte art on the Internet, or change the color film, for beauty, I believe that every owner has his favorite color matching style in his heart, and will change it perfectly! This car should be most of the buying crowd, are the little sister majority! Boys, I feel like I still lack the feeling of fighting. However, according to the dealer, the boys also bought a lot, indicating that the car is indeed explosive ah!

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