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Qian Jiang declared a new car appearance patent, Benali lion to change to V-cylinder cruise
Release date:2024.01.18

Recently, Qianjiang filed a patent for a new vehicle appearance, which adopts a sports cruise style and is equipped with a V-shaped two-cylinder engine.

In terms of appearance, the vehicle in the new patent is very similar to QJMOTOR's cruise model Flash 350 in the overall shape, and at the same time, details such as pill headlights, circular instruments, and rear shocks can also see some shadows of Flash 350. However, the car also has some unique elements, such as the single seat and split rear fender design, while the body line is tougher, and the dual exhaust tail has been redesigned, giving the car a retro cruise style while adding a lot of sporty feel.

Benali lion cub appearance patent number: CN308414146S.

It is worth noting that according to the declaration diagram, the position of the side panel under the seat of the car is printed with the Leoncino Logo, and the overall shape of the fuel tank and the position of the logo are similar to Benali Lion series models, so it is inferred that the car will be a new model of Benali Lion series.

In terms of power, it can be seen from the declaration diagram that the car is equipped with a V-type two-cylinder engine, although the specific displacement is unknown, but its cylinder head side shape is different from that on the QJMOTOR Flash 350, adding more cooling fins, so it is inferred that the power output of the engine is expected to be improved than the power platform carried on the flash 350.

At present, the official price of QJMOTO Flash 350 is 24,999 yuan, and it is estimated that the price of this Benali V cylinder car will be more than 20,000 yuan.

In recent years, the Benali Lion series, which is positioned as a retro street car, has a flat market performance, but the flash series cruise models of the brother brand QJMOTOR have won many consumers' favor. In terms of appearance, this car has the meaning of taking the strengths of both families, using the mature power platform of Qianjiang, combined with the design characteristics of Benali Lion series, to create a sports cruise model, filling the product line and finding a new direction for the lion series.

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