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How did Secron redefine 600ADV?
Release date:2024.01.18

Secron officially announced the price of RX600:29988 yuan for exploration version, 31988 for ADV version, which is a limited time subsidy of 2000 yuan. So everyone is talking about a price war again. Because of the 27988 exploration version, the price of the mid-displacement ADV model is pulled to within 30,000.

Of course you can think so, but we look at the topic of the release of the RX600 by Secron is: Redefine 600ADV, how to redefine? I think there are three main points:

One is to make up for the lesson, the second is to flip the table, and the third is to strike first.

First of all, Zongshen to personalized entertainment motorcycle transformation, the first is ADV model, as early as 2013 Secron launched RX3. That is to say, Secron has always had its own dedication to ADV models. With the epidemic raging for three years, everyone can not go far away, ADV models seem to have a trend of ebb. As a result, the major domestic manufacturers are upgrading to the mid-emission ADV, the earliest is Benali Jinpeng 502, Qian Jiangzeng boasts: Jinpeng 502 is the model with the highest share on 318 National highway. This was followed by the addition of the Wuji 525DSX and the Kaiyue 525X, which were released last year. At that time, there was only RX401 in the hands of Sekelon, which had been pressed by Wuji and Kaiyue from the displacement and engine models.


In fact, at that time, the RX600 was already formed, but according to the new product development process, it has been tested before it can be listed. The new ND560 engine takes full advantage of the late mover in terms of displacement, 60 ml larger than the ADV models of Benali, Wuji and Kaiyue. Therefore, the strong release of the RX600 price at the beginning of the year by Secron is already making up the homework and redefining the displacement of the middleweight ADV model.

The next step is to flip the table. Displacement has an advantage, and then it is in the price of encircle, Benali, Wuji, Kaiyue 500 displacement of ADV models are more than 31 thousand, three box version are more than 35 thousand. Apparently, the price of the Secron RX600 is about 4,000 lower. This is almost as if the price of this year's mid-displacement ADV model has been redefined.

The last thing is to strike first. Market competition has always been dynamic, is you have a punch he has a foot. Secron RX600 competitors are not only the existing 500ADV models, but also the Spring breeze 450MT and QJMOTO Snap550, which have been preheating, but not listed, these cars are likely to be released before and after the Spring Festival, Secron grain and grass since it has been in place, why not start first, the displacement has the advantage, the price swept the peer, so the first release, Get the order first. That could make them either rethink pricing or avoid it. From that point of view, it's definitely good for Secron. It's called redefining competition in the marketplace.

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