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QJMOTOR launches its 500CC class flagship model, the Race 550S
Release date:2024.01.18

On January 7, 2024, QJMOTOR, the leading brand of domestic large-displacement motorcycles, officially released the 500CC class flagship model Race 550S. On the basis of retaining the advantages of the Race 550, the new model adopts the unique Dragon Year exclusive appearance design "Dragon design", which has been further optimized and upgraded in terms of control, configuration and experience, bringing more new surprises to the majority of riders.

As the first sports car under 600CC to accelerate into the 3-second club, the Race 550 has been popular since its launch. Its excellent performance and ultra-high configuration make it a well-deserved flagship model in the 500CC class.

The ultra-high appearance level has always been a major killer of the QJMOTOR series, and the new race 550S adopts the exclusive appearance design of the Dragon Year "Dragon design", which is very amazing and gives people a feeling of not angry.

The front of the new car, the dragon face design is more radical, publicity, very aggressive, offensive. The headlamp shape is narrow and sharp, with the color of the fixed wind wing and the lower lip of the headlamp, widening the overall visual effect, while increasing the layer of the front face, directly touching the mind.

In the side design, the whole smooth side reflects the posture of the dragon flying. In the sensory design, the front is low and the back is high, creating a visual effect of diving forward. At the same time, it echoes the headlamp to highlight the sense of vitality.

In the design of the tail, in order to highlight the effect of the dragon tail, the traditional central rear tail light was cancelled, the rear tail light was integrated into the two tail fins, directly integrated in the turn signal inside, the internal structure was carefully designed, and the recognition after lighting is quite high, which not only complies with the tonality of the dragon tail, but also contributes to lightweight.

In terms of power, the race 550S continues to carry 550cc water-cooled two-cylinder engine, the maximum torque of 55Nm, the maximum power of 45kw, the body weight of 186 kg, compared with the same level of competition, each hundred kg can be about 26% more torque and 25% more power. Under the double support of fierce power and lightweight body, the appearance and aerodynamics to find a golden balance point of the race 550S, can lead most advanced riders easily "kill" into the 3-second interval, compared with domestic and foreign competitive products, can be described as well-deserved the same level NO.1.

The 550S adds adjustable preload, damped Mazucci front shock absorbers, Brembo braking system, ABS anti-lock braking, TCS traction control and high-performance S3 sport performance tires. In addition, it has received professional tuning from Japanese racing drivers to ensure an excellent driving experience. These configurations make the 550S even better in terms of track and venue performance than any other.

It is worth mentioning that the race 550S adopts split seat cushion, carefully selected alcantara skin, to increase the friction and comfort of riding, the seat cushion shape is also carefully set through ergonomics, with high-density sponge, to ensure support at the same time, but also strive to provide enough comfort, taking into account more fun and daily use needs.

In addition, the fuel tank of the race 550S is also expanded to 16.5L, the battery life can reach 390KM, and the daily riding can achieve 20 days of refueling interval, greatly improving the user's convenience.

Overall, the Se550S is a well-deserved flagship benchmark for the 500CC class in the current market, both in terms of design, power performance and configuration level, showing QJMOTOR's leading position in the large-displacement motorcycle market. The release of the race 550S undoubtedly provides more choices for consumers to ride in the Year of the Dragon, and also injected new competitive vitality into the development of the industry.

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