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How can motorcycles prevent flooding in winter?
Release date:2024.01.18

Motorcycle flooding tank refers to the phenomenon that the motorcycle can not be started after many times, the solution is to remove the spark plug and burn it again.

The phenomenon of flooding cylinder is generally most likely to occur in winter, because the winter temperature is low, poor gasoline atomization, it is not easy to start, and the owner will automatically form the action of the fuel door when it is difficult to start, so it is easier to produce flooding cylinder.

The most prone to flooding is the single cylinder 250 displacement of the car, because the larger the working volume, relatively less easy to start, and single cylinder as long as any of the links of the problem can not start, two cylinders have a cylinder does not work, may be another cylinder can work normally.

The more likely way to flood the tank is to ride not far in winter and start often. Generally, after the flooding cylinder occurs, as long as the spark plug is easy to remove the model is easy to solve, but the imitation plug race model is more troublesome. Because the spark plug of the imitation car is generally wrapped in the inside, to remove the spark plug needs to remove the fuel tank. For example, spring breeze 250SR, the most prone to flooding in winter, dismantling is also very troublesome, the average owner can not solve.

So how to prevent flooding phenomenon? A spring breeze 250SR owner wanted to sell his car, and when someone looked at the car, he started the vehicle to show others a look and listen. This number of times to do too much, the result will happen one second is normal start, start again can not. This is the winter low temperature start too many times to cause flooding, so the spring breeze 250SR in winter to pay attention to the battery power, to ensure that the start is easy. Then try not to ride short distances and start frequently to prevent the spark plug from producing a lot of carbon deposits. When riding in winter, try to make the water temperature reach more than 60 degrees before stopping, so that the spark plug can maintain normal work.

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