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New Continent Honda's first ABS 125 scooter is coming soon
Release date:2024.01.25

Recently in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology new car announcement, the new continent Honda declared a scooter NS125RX, the industry media are saying that the new split line, this statement is inaccurate, can only say that this car may be a split line alternative products, but compared to the current split line, in appearance and configuration, there are greater changes and improvements.

First of all, it can be determined that this scooter is a Honda trademark and an urban sports pedal style, but there are the following differences between this car and the split line:

1. The difference in appearance;

The appearance of NS125RX is to re-open the mold, in terms of appearance, I think it is not as good as the crack line, but the purpose of doing so must be to avoid the problem of the crack line appearance. The reason why the split line has become a network red car when it is listed is because the appearance is beautiful, but the trouble caused by the fierce appearance is that the plastic parts are square, the interface is increased, and the riding is easy to lead to abnormal noise for a period of time, so many things have two sides. The NS125RX certainly solves the problem of abnormal noise in plastic parts, but the appearance may not be so good looking. Otherwise, there is no need to re-open the mold appearance of the new Continent Honda. Wouldn't it be cheaper to replace the engine and configuration directly on the original basis?


2, the engine is not the same;

The NS125RX is powered by an ESP engine, not a split NSC engine or a LEAD ESP+ engine. The LEAD engine is water-cooled four-valve, while the NS125RX engine is air-cooled two-valve, which is basically the expansion of the NS110i, so the engine is more advanced than the split NSC, with better fuel consumption and noise indicators, and the maximum power has also been improved.

3, more abundant configuration;

The NS125RX adds the configuration of single-channel front ABS, and of course retains the CBS configuration model to choose from, which is the new demand of Honda in New Continent to adapt to the consumption upgrade of channel products. Of course, the configuration of the original split line is also retained, such as keyless system, LED lighting of the whole car, LCD instruments, etc. The device of pulse start and automatic start and stop is also added.

4, the price positioning will be different;

Although this car has not yet been released, but we imagine that we know, the configuration increase, engine upgrade, its purpose is to maintain the intersection of the road car and the car advanced, so the price will certainly be higher than the split, of course, the new continent Honda will certainly stretch the product line, the formation of low and high price belt, in this case, It is possible that the low match is the price of the original split line high match, and the high match is about 1000 yuan more expensive than the split line high match, this is just my guess.

As for when this car will be listed, since the announcement is out, the listing time is fast, according to past experience, the probability of this car will be released in April, May batch supply.

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