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Motorcycle accessories: bearing applications
Release date:2024.01.25

Bearings are widely used in a variety of machinery, it can be said that as long as it is a running machine, it can not be separated from bearings, bearings are the key components of motorcycles.

Because most of the mechanical parts of the motorcycle are exposed, it is subjected to the severe test of high-speed rotation in the harsh driving environment, which requires that the motorcycle bearing needs to meet the good durability and high sealing to extend the service life of the motorcycle.

Motorcycles vary according to the model and construction, but each motorcycle is generally equipped with 20 to 30 bearings. These bearings are used for the important rotating parts of the engine, variable speed device, wheel and so on, which are responsible for reducing friction and promoting the power of the engine to be effectively transmitted to the wheel.

Performance of motorcycle bearings

Smooth rotation with low friction and vibration;

With foreign body resistance and high rigidity;

Must ensure durability, etc.;

Bearings for motorcycle engines and variable speed devices are required to be used under the conditions of high temperature, high speed rotation and great impact load in a foreign body environment, so they are required to have foreign body resistance and high rigidity. In addition, wheel bearings must be suitable for use in various terrains and purposes, so they must also be durable to water and mud.

Engine application

Crank shaft

Main bearing: ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing

Connecting rod: crankpin cage bearing

Timing operation

Camshaft: needle bearing, ball bearing

Auxiliary equipment

Starter: needle roller bearing

Oil pump: needle bearing, ball bearing

Transmission application

Drive shaft and drive shaft

Ball and roller bearings and slotted lightweight plastic cage bearings for idlers


Clutch release bearing

Shift gears

Ball bearings, needle roller bearings

Chassis application

Base plate

Ball bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings, thrust needle roller bearings

Cardan shaft

Cross universal joint

Motorcycle bearing common models

On motorcycles, ball bearings are generally used in the engine internal drive train and wheels, flat ball bearings are used on the front fork, and needle roller bearings are used on the crankshaft connecting rod and part of the transmission gear shaft.

Generally speaking, the front wheel of the car below 100cc is 6200, 6201, 6300, 6301 rear wheel is 6301;

125cc and 150cc cars have front wheels 6301 and rear wheels 6202, 6302, 6200, 6201, 6202, 6203, 6204, 6205, 6206, 6300, 6301, 6302, 6000, 6001, 6002, 6003, 6004, 62/22, 62/28 62/32, 63/22, 63/28, and 63/32 are also commonly used.

Cause and analysis of early damage

1. Bearings on the front and rear wheel hubs and rear chain disks

Because the owner in daily use, wading too deep or often wash the car, let the water into the bearing, so that the bearing grease gradually fails, the formation of the bearing in the rolling groove and ball wear serious, the clearance increased significantly;

If the front and rear wheels are too tight or too loose when leaving the factory or selling, the driving will be unstable for a long time, the bearing is stuck or the bearing displacement is loose, the ball cage is damaged or falls off, and the gap is too large, so that the brake disc and the wheel hub phase friction, increasing the driving resistance;

The bearing on the rear sprocket disk is easy to enter water or adjust too tight and loose, which will cause damage, so the owner should pay special attention to check and maintain in time when washing the car or going over the deep water pit. If the replacement is damaged, it must be in place and adjusted until the wheel rotates flexibly and there is no obvious clearance.

2, crankshaft connecting rod size roller bearings and ball bearings on both sides

Generally, two-stroke engines are more easily damaged. The main cause of the damage to the roller bearing of the connecting rod size is: the oil quality is too poor or the oil amount is too small.

The engine operating temperature is too high, aggravate the friction heat generating surface softening, premature fatigue spalling of the working face, spalling particles into the cage of the steel column, resulting in operation block; The roller produces abnormal load on the cage, aggravates the wear of the cage, causes the cage to break and break, and the crankshaft connecting rod to lock.

If the oil replaced by the four-stroke engine is shoddy products or the use period is too long, the lubrication effect is reduced and the wear is aggravated, which is easy to produce impurities and block the oil passage; After the assembly or overhaul of the new car, the hard foreign matter in the instrument belt used in the field is not clean enough or enters the bearing channel during correction, causing the bearing rotation to be blocked; The crankshaft is pressed with different cores or the crankshaft is misaligned during installation, which increases the rotating load of the bearing and causes damage.

3, the bearings on the wheels of the chartered car

Generally, the shock absorption after the car is a single support, the load is large, if the bad road conditions do not slow down, easy to cause wear, affecting the service life, easy water should be paid attention to when washing the car.

4. Upper and lower bearings of the column

Due to the failure of the front shock absorption, insufficient lubrication or the discomfort of the upper and lower fastening force, the ball is broken or the ball working surface is spalling, and the direction steering is astringent or deviated, which affects the safety of the driving.

To sum up: bearing damage is mainly caused by poor lubrication, installation is not in place, improper clearance and poor use environment, etc., if not found or repaired early, it will cause greater losses or affect driving safety. Therefore, please manufacturers, dealers, maintenance industry and owners to pay attention to avoid such accidents.

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