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Indian motorcycles occupy the African market, why Chinese motorcycles in Africa is not easy to sell?
Release date:2024.02.01

Chinese motorcycles used to be king in the African market, now? Being forced into the corner by Indian Moto, and ending up a mute eating coptis - there is no bitterness to say.

First of all, let's talk about the scenery of our Chinese motorcycles in the African market. At that time, Chinese motorcycles were known for their high quality and low price, which was simply the heart of African brothers. 4000 a car, that's a high price. For a place as inaccessible as Mali, a motorbike is the golden key. The popularity of Chinese motorcycles in Africa has not only solved traffic problems, but also become a fashion symbol. However, the good times did not last long, and in 2021, the situation changed.

The rise of Indian motorcycles has really given Chinese motorcycles a heavy blow. Eight Group occupy the first brand in the African market, this news, can be said to be poured cold water.

We have to ask ourselves, why are Chinese bikes being overtaken by Indian bikes? The problem is still to be found in yourself.

First, the technical issues cannot be ignored.

The research and development ability of Chinese motorcycle enterprises is still not satisfactory. Most motorcycles rely on external engines with general technical content. Lack of core technology, which is hard in the international market. Moreover, the competitive advantage is not obvious. In the past, in order to fight a price war, choose to save costs on accessories, resulting in high maintenance costs and a decline in reputation. The budget-conscious African brothers attach great importance to durability, and as a result, our Chinese motorcycles are suffering.

In addition, the business management problem should not be underestimated. Many Chinese motorcycle companies only want to make quick money, and do not pay enough attention to market research and after-sales service. In the African market, this mentality of "earning a wave counts a wave" will only make enterprises flash in the pan. In addition, Chinese motorcycle companies do not do enough in brand building, rely on foreign joint ventures, independent brand awareness is weak, which is a big problem in the international market.

So, is there a chance for Chinese motorcycles to turn over? The rise of electric motorcycles may be a turning point. Now electric motorcycles are booming all over the world, and the African market is no exception. The low cost of electric motorcycles is undoubtedly a big advantage for markets like Africa. For example, the strategic agreement signed between Benin and China's Zhwan Company is a good example. China's electric motorcycle technology and price advantages may be in the African market again.

But that doesn't mean you can rest easy. Chinese motorcycle enterprises must start from the aspects of technological innovation, brand building and after-sales service, strengthen their own construction, and truly integrate with the international market. In addition, we should pay more attention to the deep integration with the African market and understand the real needs of African consumers in order to regain the former glory in this land full of opportunities and challenges.

All in all, this competition between Chinese motorcycles and Indian motorcycles is not only a battle about market share, but also a deep contest about brand power, technological innovation and market understanding.

If Chinese motorcycles want to make a comeback in the African market, they must grasp the opportunity of electric motorcycles and fundamentally improve their own strength. This battle has only just begun. Let's wait and see if Chinese motorcycles can achieve a magnificent turn in the African market.

(Reproduced from popular Science Utopia)