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NX500 announced the price, the European price of 7449 euros, also officially announced the CB500X discontinued
Release date:2024.02.01

Recently, Honda released the final price of NX500 overseas, a new generation of Honda middleweight ADV model NX500 not only the body has become tougher, but also the price is cheaper overseas.

In Europe, the price is about 58,000 yuan, so it seems that after the introduction of the domestic, the probability will be cheaper than the CB500X, so this car is still worth looking forward to.


NX500 than CB500X face shape is a new design, the overall preference for the European system of flat design, adding the original car guard and spotlights, more hardcore than CB500X.

In terms of wheels, the NX500 uses front 19 and back 17 aluminum alloy wheels to improve handling and stability. The redesigned frame makes the NX500 more maneuverable and weighs down to 196 kg. This design gives the NX500 a balance between performance and weight.

The NX500, as the successor to the CB500X, inherits the excellent genes of the former. Wider tyres, a more stable frame and a more advanced suspension make it more in line with modern motorcycle standards.

The whole car is equipped with LED light source, large screen TFT instrument, TCS traction control system, and the configuration has been significantly improved.

If you enter the country, you can give a relatively low price, I believe that the car can also be a fire, which you think it sold how much in line with everyone's psychological expectations?

While the retirement of the CB500X is sad, the debut of the NX500 has breathed new life into the legendary brand. As a new generation flagship model, NX500 will enter the Chinese market, Honda has not announced. Considering the demand for middleweight motorcycles in the Chinese market, the NX500 is likely to enter the domestic market.

Overall, although the CB500X farewell stage, but the NX500 debut for Honda motorcycle brings new hope. It not only inherits the fine tradition of its predecessors, but also moves to a new height in performance and design. In the future, let's wait and see how this new legend performs.

Basic parameters of the Honda NX500

Engine: 471cc twin-cylinder power

Maximum horsepower: 46.2 HP

Maximum torque: 43Nm

Wheels: aluminum alloy wheels with front 19 and back 17

Weight: 196 kg

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