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The whole motorcycle fuel gauge thing
Release date:2024.02.01

The working principle of the oil gauge is to display the amount of fuel through the control of the variable resistance current flow. When the tank is full, the oil float can make the resistance value of the variable resistor low, the current flow of the switch is large, and the pointer of the oil meter will jump high. When the tank is empty, the oil float makes the resistance value of the variable resistor high, the current flow of the conductive is small, and the pointer of the oil meter will turn low.

Some novice small white motorcycle fuel gauge reading, generally according to the display of fuel scale change to measure the size of the fuel tank capacity and vehicle fuel consumption, in their eyes, these fuel gauge display changes are average, is a true reflection of the amount of fuel tank, in fact, this method of reading the meter is inaccurate, the main performance is as follows:

1, the motorcycle fuel tank generally has about 2 liters of spare oil, so when the pointer points to the red area, the motorcycle can run at least 50-70 kilometers or so, with this mileage, generally can find a gas station. But many of them scream when they see the needle point to red, thinking the motorcycle is running out of gas so fast. Because they didn't know backup tanks could go this far! It should be pointed out here that although the spare oil of the motorcycle can run so far, it is not recommended that the motorcycle often use the spare tank, especially the EFI motorcycle, because when the EFI motorcycle uses the spare tank, the oil pump motor cannot be cooled by the gasoline, and the oil pump is prone to failure in the long run.

2, the speed of the oil gauge pointer is not uniform. There are generally two situations, some are slow at the beginning of the decline, and then it is very fast, and some are fast at the beginning of the decline, and then it is slower. These are the consequences of the shape of the tank. Because the shape of the fuel tank is subordinate to the overall shape of the motorcycle. Therefore, some fuel tanks are large on the top and small on the bottom, and some are small on the top and large on the bottom, which will affect the drop speed of the oil float. Therefore, the most correct way to read the meter is to use the change from the full tank to the standby tank more than two times, so that you can understand the law of the decline speed of your motorcycle fuel gauge, so as to correctly grasp the actual mileage in your motorcycle fuel tank in order to refuel accurately and timely.

3. The oil float is stuck. Some oil float is affected by gasoline impurities, resulting in the oil float stuck in a certain section of the stationary, resulting in the oil meter is not allowed to phenomenon, in this phenomenon, first to clean the oil float, if the effect is not obvious after cleaning, it may be necessary to change the oil sensor.

4. The oil quantity sensor is damaged. General oil sensor due to various reasons, can not work normally, within the warranty period, find the seller three guarantees, more than the warranty period, it can only admit bad luck, change a new fuel sensor.

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