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French media: The rise of Chinese motorcycles in France?
Release date:2024.02.01

French "Car-motorcycle network" article on January 21, original title: The rise of Chinese motorcycles in France? Today, two emerging motorcycle brands from China, CFMOTO and Zontes, have managed to shed their "exotic" brand image and become popular with real motorcycle gamers.

The two motorcycle brands, which are owned by Chinese industrial giants, hope to gain a foothold in the French market. Rather than relying on the so-called "Chinese flavor" (producing cheap products at packaged prices), they compete with the leaders of the motorcycle industry, especially Japanese manufacturers, through a more "advanced" approach, whose main selling points include original design, well-known equipment, and superior quality in line with European standards.


 Zontes motorcycle sales increased by 33% in 2023, ranking 13th in France, thanks to the success of its small-displacement engine. The Zontes brand also intends to introduce larger models, such as the mid-range motorcycle with a 703cc engine, which will enter the French market by the end of 2024.

CFMOTO is at a higher level of competition in the market, and its growth is even more impressive - 60% sales growth in 2023 (in the French market). The Chinese brand's sales of 1,632 vehicles a year, while still short of its top-selling rivals, reflect the considerable work GD France has done to build its sales network. CFMOTO motorcycles currently have around 150 sales outlets throughout France and are proven for their quality and durability with a 3-year warranty.

With the success of Chinese brands such as CFMOTO and Zontes, GD France has become the most open independent importer to new players. With the growing popularity of electric motorcycles (in China), CFMOTO also launched its own electric brand Zeeho (Polar core), which currently has three models. GD France hopes to build on the success of 2023 and propel China's CFMOTO and Zontes to become mature players in the motorcycle industry.

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