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From 35,000, Triumph 400 series domestic listing
Release date:2024.02.01

Triumph today officially released the Speed 400 and Scrambler 400X, the domestic listing price of these two entry-level models as previously predicted to more than 30,000, the official price of 35,000 yuan, 38,000 yuan.

Both the Speed 400 and Scrambler 400X were developed in the UK, with the former maintaining the classic design of the range and a typical look reminiscent of the Speed Twin 900/1200, with gold shock absorption elevating the look a bit.

The climbing version is a continuation of the Scrambler model, with front LED headlights and additional shields on the handlebars, and a recognisable dual-out exhaust tail.

The Speed 400 and Scrambler 400X are equipped with new engines of the TR series, with bore * stroke of 89mm*64mm and compression ratio of 12:1. The 398cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine delivers about the same power as the KTM 390, with maximum power and torque of 40PS@8000rpm and 37.5N ·m@6500rpm respectively.

Both of Triumph's 400 new cars get a newly designed frame, bolt-on rear subframe and cast aluminum rear rocker arm. The suspension system is 43mm USD inverted front fork + central rear shock absorber (with external gas tank, adjustable for pre-load).

Both cars are equipped with interchangeable traction control and dual-channel ABS, with sliding clutch as standard and ByBre four-piston radial calipers for both front brakes and 230mm single-disc + floating calipers for both rear brakes.

As two different types of new cars, the official has made some differences in the setting:

The Speed 400 front and rear shock absorber travel is 140mm, 130mm, the front and rear cast aluminum wheels are 17 inches, the seat height is 790mm, the front brake disc is 300mm.

The Scrambler 400X has 150mm front and rear shock absorbers, 19-17-inch wheels, 835mm seat height and 320mm front brake discs. At the same time, the 1418mm wheelbase is longer (Speed is 1377mm), and the front fork is set further forward.

The new car has a fuel tank capacity of 13L, the Speed 400 has a service mass of 170kg and the Scrambler 400X is 179kg.

The Speed 400 and Scrambler 400X also keep up with the domestic competition, with prices starting at 35,000 yuan, which is a bit more cost effective than imported models of the same displacement from friends, so would you consider it as a candidate for 2024?

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