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R9 instead of R6! Yamaha confirms the development of a three-cylinder 900 sports car
Release date:2024.02.07

Spring breeze in September last year with three cylinder, four cylinder sports car with the appearance of 150 pedal to come, recently the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology disclosed the formal shape of this small pedal, 150SC design is still very spring.

The lines of the 150SC production version are basically the same as the previous camouflage models, and the real car is to reveal some family design elements, unique LED light belts, the entire headlights can even see some MT models' shadows, and the two sides also use the diversion design.

The body adopts the scheme with keel, the appearance of the whole vehicle is inclined to be rounded and full, the length, width and height of the vehicle is 1915x750x1120mm, the wheelbase is 1315mm; The tank is a conventional mid-mounted design with a service mass of 135kg.

Power is from Longxin 150 platform, this model 1P57MJ, the maximum power of 10.5kW single-cylinder engine, that is, the endless SR150GT, the maximum torque of 14N·m, this engine will bring different driving feelings under the adjustment of A Chun, can only wait for subsequent test drive.

The Spring Breeze 150SC configuration has front and rear disc brakes, ABS, rear dual shock absorbers and a larger LCD meter, while the reported tailgate version does not currently show more differences, keyless start, TCS, tire pressure monitoring these may be high.

Spring breeze this 150SC is easy to think of Haojou UHR150, are not the main control of the sports style, this is likely to be aimed at the latter. This time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was declared before the beginning of the year, and it is expected that the wave will come in the beginning of the year. At present, the 250 pedals have been rolled to about 17,000, and it is somewhat anticipated how the Spring breeze 150SC will open the market this time.

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