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Cleaning agent commonly used in motorcycle maintenance
Release date:2024.02.07

We often use cleaning agents in the process of motorcycle maintenance and maintenance, commonly used cleaning carburetor cleaning agent, throttle cleaning agent, asphalt cleaning agent, chain cleaning agent, rust remover, today to introduce their use methods and taboos, do not think that they are cleaning agents, holding the use of the wrong, not only can not achieve the effect, but played a counter-effect.

Of course, the simplest way is to use the name of these cleaning agents, such as carburetor cleaning agents are solvent-based cleaning agents, mainly used to clean the carburetor ointment, and the sludge on the engine metal components, can not be used to clean the oil seal and plexiglass accessories, such as can not clean the oil seal chain, headlamp glass and instrument shell stains. If the headlight housing or instrument housing is sprayed with carburetor cleaning agent, the headlight housing is basically useless.

Throttle cleaning agent is also solvent-based cleaning agent, but not as strong as carburetor cleaning agent, mainly used for cleaning the electric injection motorcycle throttle, because the throttle has a rubber seal, throttle cleaning agent has little damage to the seal ring. If the throttle is cleaned with carburetor cleaning agent, it can also be cleaned, but the damage to the sealing ring is larger, so it is not forced to clean with carburetor cleaning agent.

Asphalt cleaning agent is also a solvent-based cleaning agent, but this cleaning agent on rubber, plexiglass, paint damage is very small. Asphalt cleaning agent has a good cleaning effect on asphalt and chemical adhesives, mainly used for cleaning stubborn dirt on the surface of motorcycles. Asphalt cleaning agent because the dissolution time is longer, therefore, in the removal of stains, first spray up, to wait for the stain to dissolve before cleaning, after washing, to wash the spray of cleaning agent and then wash the place to reduce the damage of cleaning agent to the paint.

Chain cleaning agent and rust remover are oil-based cleaning agent, chain cleaning agent is mainly used for motorcycle oil seal chain cleaning, can also be used for headlights and instrument shell cleaning, such as summer night riding, headlamp glass will have a lot of insect corpses, difficult to clean, with chain cleaning agent or asphalt stain remover cleaning, the effect is very good. Let's test these two, too.

Rust remoster is mainly used for rusty screws loosening or rust removal, can also be used for motorcycle lock inside lubrication, there is a good use is the motorcycle annual inspection, spray on the headlamp glass can increase the light transmission of the headlamp.

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