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Do you know about motorcycle wear parts? How do I change it?
Release date:2024.02.07

What do you know about motorcycle wearing parts? The so-called wearing parts are parts that are easily damaged in the process of use, which may not be caused by vehicle failure or quality, but because of specific factors such as the working environment, working state, normal aging in later use or some parts that need to be replaced regularly.

At present, the wearing parts involved in motorcycles mainly include: oil, tires, light bulbs, filters, cremation plugs, brake pads, cable, transmission components and so on.

In the later maintenance, there are a lot of riders think that the expensive is the best, but in fact this understanding is not completely correct, because the overall motorcycle parts are working together, the associated parts are not the same standard, will not play a better performance, but may accelerate wear, so the choice of consumables, the right is the most critical.


Oil is the easiest place to enter the misunderstanding, the choice of expensive is basically a consensus of everyone, but in fact, engineers in the development of lubricating oil, for the current product to determine a standard of use, so we must combine the personal state of the car, vehicle performance reference product characteristics for selective replacement, there is timing maintenance is very key.

Tires are also a more prone to errors, for some non-functional motorcycles want to improve the grip through full or semi-hot melt tires, often with little effect.

Although the spark plug is very small, but in the market of a wide variety of spark plugs, the price varies, but a curved beam car for a hundred pieces of spark plug is certainly not necessary, as long as the burning state of the vehicle belongs to the normal range, more than a dozen pieces of spark plug and hundreds of pieces of spark plug is basically a ignition effect.

There are many such examples, I hope you spend a small amount of money to do big things, the good steel used on the blade, in short, wearing parts to check frequently, problems to solve the problem in time, more not recommended to choose out of specification.

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