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Motorcycle maintenance five misunderstandings
Release date:2024.02.07

Mistake 1: Too much faith in total synthesis.

Think that the full synthesis is good, what car can be used, often see 125 people with the full synthesis, in fact, this is not right, the oil is not necessarily the full synthesis of good, and sometimes the full synthesis of the oil will make your car malfunction.

For example, the top rod machine can not use full synthesis, because the viscosity of the full synthesis is very low, the heat resistance is not good, and the top rod engine is mostly air-cooled, and the viscosity of the oil is higher, the general Harley top rod V2 is strictly prohibited from using full synthesis, and the BMW horizontal opposite engine is also mostly strictly prohibited from using full synthesis. If these cars use full synthesis for a long time, it will be easy to pull the cylinder, the valve clearance will become larger and so on.

Mistake 2: idle speed adjustment.

In the process of my contact with a lot of car friends, there are a lot of people, like to adjust the idle speed is very low, and some are adjusted to 800 RPM, which actually hurts the car, the idle speed is low, the crankshaft is very bad, the small chain of the car is also easy to stretch, why is this, it is because the inertia of the crankshaft is insufficient, so the idle speed is very low and the vibration amplitude of the car is large, The impact on individual components will increase.

Mistake 3: the choice of gasoline label.

Everyone may know that the higher the compression ratio, the higher the corresponding label of the gasoline he needs, but I think some people do not know why this is, some people 125 use 95, thinking that the higher the label is better, in fact, this is not right.

The gasoline label represents the anti-knock of gasoline, that is, the higher the gasoline label, the slower it burns, and it can also withstand a higher compression ratio, if a car that needs No. 92 gasoline, you add No. 95 for a long time, which will lead to unclean gasoline combustion, engine weakness, valve carbon and even leakage, and serious black smoke.

For example, if you need 95 gasoline, use 92 gasoline, then the engine will knock, valve snap, start and bounce, and so on.

Mistake 4: the adjustment mistake of the valve clearance.

When it comes to the valve clearance, it has to be said that the valve clearance can affect what, some people adjust the valve blindly want to sound quiet, this is wrong, and some people think that the valve clearance has a little sound, nothing serious, this is not good.

First of all, the valve clearance affects the air exchange of the entire engine and affects the afterburn period of the engine (the afterburn period is the gasoline burning time after ignition). So what is the effect of the oil return after the valve adjustment is tight? The answer is that the sound will be quiet, but the supplementary burning period will be shorter, the fuel consumption will increase, the cylinder temperature will increase, the engine will be prone to high fever, the idle speed will be unstable, and so on. Then another is that the valve gap is too large, the valve gap is too large, he will make the burning period longer, the power of the car will decline, the sound will become louder, and the high-speed valve is easy to fall off.

Mistake 5: the understanding of gear position, the understanding of traction braking.

First of all, some people like to use engine traction braking, which is correct within a reasonable range, but it is not correct in unreasonable gear, for example, you use 5 when the normal speed of running with 4 gear traction braking, although the car will not have obvious frustration, but it is harmful to the engine, and there is downhill with engine traction braking. This also do not use too low gear, too low gear to do traction braking is harmful to the car, especially the chain and buffer body, so how to correct traction braking? That is you in a few files with a few gear up/down, in a few file open with a few files, this is normal, specification of traction braking.

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