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The car is not scrapped for 1 million kilometers, why the more convenient motorcycle must be scrapped in 13 years?
Release date:2024.02.21

Since 2017, the car has changed from the previous 15 years of mandatory scrapping to 600,000 kilometers of guided scrapping, and it is a very difficult thing for private cars to run to 600,000 kilometers, that is to say, the right to scrap the vehicle is truly delivered to the owner.

A large number of taxi kilometers can run to more than 1 million kilometers are still not scrapped, indicating that the domestic passenger car culture has entered the stage of civilization, as long as the normal annual inspection, no violations, the right to use the vehicle will not be lost.

Compared with cars, motorcycles are not so lucky.

Motorcycles in most areas have always been forced to scrap for 13 years, although it is said every year to lift the ban and cancel the mandatory scrap, but over the years it has been sticking to the 13-year scrap unchanged.


In fact, domestic consumers buy motorcycles, buy not a ownership, but a 13-year "lease", buy a car from the manufacturer, and finally return to the scrapped factory, the right of way is only 13 years, which means that all the risks on the road after 13 years are borne by themselves, and the penalty is quite serious.

The 13-year compulsory scrapping of motorcycles has been delayed for the following reasons.

One is that the current main commuting mode is dominated by cars, and the era of motorcycles has actually passed, although there are still tens of millions of motorcycles sold every year, but from the proportion of family trips, the proportion of motorcycles is very small, and the driving intensity of a motorcycle is only several thousand kilometers a year.

From the point of view of the proportion of trips, the value of motorcycles is very weak.

The other is that the risk coefficient of motorcycles is much higher than that of cars, once there is an accident, the damage to personnel is huge, although the motorcycle is simple in structure, but with the passage of time, the aging of parts will bury a lot of driving hazards, so the regular mandatory elimination of motorcycles is a protection for drivers.

The value of most motorcycles in the market is not high, thousands of dollars of motorcycles account for a huge proportion, the regular scrapping of these motorcycles will not affect the vital interests of users, but also force to ensure safety.

Objectively speaking, the value of motorcycles is not high, although there are imported, large-displacement motorcycles on sale, but the sales of these motorcycles accounted for a relatively small, 13 years of scrap although many owners ridicule, but in fact from the use level, the real impact on the user's rights and interests of the perception is very weak.

A large number of motorcycles will be replaced after 3-4 years of use, taking a 125cc displacement motorcycle as an example, the pricing of the joint venture brand is within 10,000 yuan, and the pricing of domestic motorcycles is usually around 5,000 yuan.

A 125cc motorcycle of 5000 yuan is scrapped after 13 years, which is equivalent to less than 400 yuan per year, and the mandatory scrapping will not really affect the user, but it will protect the road safety of the user at the real use level.

After all, motorcycle loss of control and collision for the driver's injury is huge and irreparable, and safety compared to forced scrapping is not important.

I have never seen anyone really riding a motorcycle for 13 years not to change, most of the calls for motorcycle lifting the ban, in fact, are in the alarmist, even a car, more than 13 years of the old car proportion is very small, the life of the first car has dropped to 4 years today, 4 years later to change the car market consumption pattern, indicating that the consumption iteration speed is very fast.

The rapid development of the domestic car market, even cars, it is difficult to see the old cars before 2010, the significance of the existence of motorcycles of the same age, in addition to collection is to watch.

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