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Spring 1250NK production version exposure, single rocker arm, large instrument, the strongest domestic street car?
Release date:2024.02.21

It is no secret that Spring breeze is going to build a public upgraded street car, and recently there has been some substantial progress after the previous concept model, and the 1250NK model patent declared by Achun has been exposed.

1250NK's production version of the model is quite different from the previous concept model, the overall continuation of the new NK street car design, very personalized headlights, just like an enlarged version of 800NK, the body is very powerful.

It is reported that the power is equipped with the 1250TR-G Grand Guest of the 1279cc engine, the maximum horsepower 140, which is used in the street car may play a greater power, and the cooling system is not the previous concept of the seat design, but the traditional water tank treatment scheme.


The frame is a familiar steel tube design, similar to the current NK model, and Chunfeng also designed a single rocker arm for this public upgrade street car, but this large rear exhaust and low fender slightly affect the appearance of the single rocker arm level.

In addition to these conventional designs, Spring Breeze also seems to have some black technology for this 1250NK, a large instrument on the front of the body, a ventilation system on both sides of the fuel tank, and so on, the new car may have a surprise in terms of intelligent driving and aerodynamics.

It is reported that the Spring breeze this public upgrade of the new car is likely to debut later this year, in today's competitive domestic market, the Spring breeze 1250NK will be launched in what kind of attitude, it is a little curious.

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