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A deity! The much-anticipated motorcycle of 2024
Release date:2024.02.22

Ducati MX 250

Ducati announced late last year that it would enter the off-road market in 2024 with a new off-road vehicle. The new car will be called the MX 250, of course, is the 250cc class of off-road motorcycle, but also Ducati's first off-road model. According to the data, the model engine uses Ducati's famous desmodromic structure, so that the 250 model has more power. It is expected that the new car will compete in the Italian 2024 off-road Championships this year, where it will be tested by the world champion of off-road racing, Antonio Cairoli.

Yamaha YZF-R9


According to foreign media reports, Yamaha's new quasi-public upgrade model YZF-R9 is expected to meet with you in November 2024 or earlier. The price of the car is about 1.3-1.5 million yen, equivalent to 65-75,000 yuan. Through the exposure rendering, you can see that the YZF-R9 will use an aluminum bigirder frame similar to the XSR900, and the aluminum flat fork will be almost identical to the XSR900. There is also speculation among fans that according to the characteristics of Yamaha's cars, the new car will use the relevant Settings of the current MT09SP, such as a high-power version of the 120 HP engine and a spare mass of less than 193kg.

Honda NX400

Honda NX400 has now entered the domestic Ministry of Industry and Information Technology catalog announcement, which means that NX400 is about to be listed in the country. The NX400 is still powered by Honda's water-cooled parallel two-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 399cc and a maximum power of 33KW. The front wheel diameter was changed to 19 inches and the Honda HTCS was added. The configuration has also changed from single disc brake to double disc brake. There are two versions of this declaration, one general version and one with three boxes to continue the tension style.


The F900R is a sports street car with a water-cooled parallel two-cylinder engine. In the 2024 update, the riding mode has been expanded to four: Road, Rainy, Dynamic and the new Dynamic PRO mode. At the same time, it is also equipped with two-way express, which upgrades the electronic control function on the original Premium Line to the standard configuration. In terms of color, racing red, metallic black and classic light white are available. The base price starts at $9,490 and is expected to be introduced this year.

Motomorini X-CAPE 1200

Look at the appearance, full body structure, double cowling design, high windshield and other elements, which are the adventure of the motorcycle Morini rally attributes. In two words: Hardcore. Powered by a newly designed V-type twin-cylinder water-cooled engine with 1,187cc displacement, it uses DOHC four-valve design and adds an EVO mode to the design. Four riding modes are available, as well as cruise control, shift assist, blind spot radar, tire pressure monitoring and other electronic control functions. It is expected to be released in 2024.

Can-Am Pulse

Can-Am is showing off a new street-commuting model called Pulse in a newly released trailer. The Pulse will be able to achieve "roadworthy speeds with plenty of power and torque." It features alloy wheels and a shorter suspension for a more compact size. Power is provided by the Rotax E-Power engine. A global launch is planned for summer 2024, with deliveries expected to begin before the end of the year.


The first thing to say is that it is not a simple upgrade of the Snap500, but a new appearance design. Powered by the same 549cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine as the Se550, the 45kw/55Nm data and the peak torque at 6000 RPM give the car a strong thrust even at low RPM. In terms of equipment, spotlights, handlebar guards, tachograph, side box/rear box mounting bracket, original guard bars, engine lower guard plate and so on are complete, and even the installation will save you.

Spring Wind 450MT

Relying on Chunfeng's mature 450 power platform, the 450MT has been the first to announce its price in overseas markets. It is equipped with a 449cc displacement twin-cylinder water-cooled engine with a maximum power of 32.5kw (44Ps) and a maximum torque of 44Nm. The style of the whole car is very close to the rally car. According to people familiar with the matter, the car may go on sale in February or March.

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