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660 hard pie rally? Triumph or launch a more hardcore Little Tiger?
Release date:2024.02.29

Following the launch of the Daytona 660 sports car, news has emerged that Triumph is preparing a new three-cylinder model, this time with what appears to be a hard-core Rally - the Tiger 660 Rally.

Triumph's current mid-engine adventure models are not as complete as the Tiger 900, Tiger 1200, GT, Rally, and only one Tiger Sport 660 is currently on sale. This road sports SUV wants to run some bad roads. Compared with the Yamaha T700, Honda XL750ADV and other competitors are a bit of a stretch.

After the emergence of more and more middleweight hard rally models, it is necessary to improve the 660 series. Triumph India dealers are sharing on social media that the 2024 Milan Motor Show is likely to see a real Tiger 660 Rally car.

In fact, Triumph has had related plans earlier, and it was previously revealed that there is also a hard 660 Rally new car. At present, the official did not disclose more specific information, 660cc three-cylinder engine, rich electric control is not expected to fall.

Some fanatical overseas car friends even hope that this is a 150kg dry weight of the beast, Triumph can do so, but the use of lightweight frame, carbon fiber wheels and other lightweight components, the cost of this, the market price is not so friendly. Triumph this hard Rally new car is expected to take a relatively friendly route, the new car quality can be lower than the current Sport 660 206kg, reaching about 190kg May be good news.

Of course, the above is just a guess, and the next action of the triumph has to wait for more information to be disclosed. If more than 80,000 Triumph Tiger 660 Rally can compete in the domestic market, it is also an additional choice for our drivers, just wait

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