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88,800 yuan, Honda 750ADV listed, how about the price?
Release date:2024.02.29

After a few rounds of warm-up, Honda today released its new car XL750 Transalp, this middleweight ADV domestic listing with overseas prices are similar, the price is a little cost-effective meaning of 88800 yuan.

The XL750 Transalp is powered by the same platform two-cylinder engine as the Wasp 750, supplemented by sliding clutch, and the domestic version has been specially tuned as always, the maximum power is reduced to 51kW(69 HP)/7000rpm, and the maximum torque is reduced to 69N·m/6500rpm. The overseas editions are 91hp@9500rpm and 75N·m@7250rpm.


The domestic 750ADV's power burst comes earlier, and the tail speed peak is lower; Lower revs give you better power, which may not be a bad thing for an ADV model. In addition, the power reduction has also made fuel consumption more economical, from 4.35L/100km in the overseas model to 4.09L/100km.

The change of power output also makes the brake system a little different from the overseas model, the front brake is upgraded from the double piston caliper to the four piston radial caliper +Φ310mm double floating brake disc, the rear brake is 256mm single disc disc + single piston caliper.

The new car is available in four optional riding modes: Sport, Standard, rainy and gravel. Each mode has a different combination of engine power, engine braking, ABS and HSTC traction control; The HSTC and the rear wheel ABS can be turned off at the same time to maximize the off-road performance of the car.

Honda's new XL750 Transalp's exterior design does not continue the non-dual elements, but it is still positioned as a hard ADV, with the standard front 21 back 18-inch spoke wheels, and 210mm high ground clearance, the performance of exploration capabilities is expected.

The suspension system is the front Showa 43mm SFF-CA inverted front fork, and the rear preload adjustable Showa shock absorber with gas cylinder; The rear shock absorber is connected via a Pro-Link system to the rear rocker arm, which is cast in the same way as the CRF1100L Africa Twin, but with Transalp's exclusive aluminum material.

The domestic official did not disclose the seat height data, if the suspension travel is still maintained in the front 210mm after 190mm, then the XL750 Transalp seat height is expected to be about 850mm. At present, only crystal frost white is available in the domestic market.

Honda's new XL750 Transalp is more affordable than other 750 power platform models after their price cuts, and the starting price of 88,800 yuan is also some cost-effective in the face of competitive models at the same level, which is a little hard to imagine Honda matching the word cost-effective.

How would you choose an 88,800 Honda XL750 Transalp over a Yamaha T700S(109,800), a Suzuki DL800 DE(119,800), an Apulia Tuareg 660(119,800) and a CKD 790ADV(77,800)?

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