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Domestic small displacement scooter price war will start!
Release date:2024.03.07

Haojue UHR150 in March will reduce the price of 2000 yuan, since the news has come out, it is certainly not an empty wind. So a lot of netizens began to thank Wuji, saying that you can not buy Wuji, but you must thank Wuji. It was the price war caused by the Wuji SR250GT that led to the price reduction of the UHR150.

However, this is not the case. For Haojue, the price reduction of the infinite SR250GT is almost ignored by Haojue! You see the infinite price cut, followed by Secron, QJMOTOR, Haojue UHR150 did not move. What is the reason for the price reduction of Hajue UHR in March? In fact, the industry is brewing a small row of scooter price war, and it is already full of mountains and clouds.


Since the epidemic in 2023, the sales of motorcycles in the domestic market have declined to less than 6 million, which is almost 5 million vehicles recognized by the industry. In addition, the consumption of the entire market in 2023 is significantly downgraded, so it has a greater impact on Honda's joint ventures. We can see from the magnitude of the decline in the production and sales of New Continent Honda and Wuyang Honda in 2023. It is clear that Honda must step in to protect its share of the small-car market. So the two heavyweight new cars were invested in the new, five books. It is a new split line and small LEAD with single channel ABS and ESP engines. According to my inquiries, the two cars will be available in April. And it won't be expensive.

So think of Haojou AFR ABS version also sold to 12000, QJ Hong 125 before and after the ABS version also sold to 10700, is it brought a lot of pressure? Therefore, AFR and Hong 125 prices must be adjusted. The key is that Honda's new split line and the PCX160 will form a encircle of the UHR150, so Haojue must make a move.

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