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Multi-cylinder engine motorcycle maintenance how to start?
Release date:2024.03.07

Multi-cylinder engine motorcycle advanced performance, complex structure, at present, the reference material is not much, engine failure, often difficult to maintain, to improve its maintenance effect, maintenance personnel in addition to need to be familiar with the structure, principle and internal links of multi-cylinder engine motorcycle, repair should pay particular attention to the following points.

First, fault inquiry and test before dismantling

Any motorcycle will fail, and there are signs and outward signs when the failure occurs. Before the repair, the maintenance personnel should be like the doctor to the patient, to carefully ask the car owner about the omen of the failure of the vehicle, the external performance, and the relevant factors that may cause the failure and the owner ignore the introduction, such as what happened before the vehicle and the elimination situation. Any negligence may bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to the maintenance work. After asking clearly, the maintenance personnel must personally test the car, touch the hand, listen to the ear, see, and smell, and repeatedly experience the fault phenomenon and fault characteristics of the vehicle.

Second, grasp the main fault factors, determine the parts to be removed

Motorcycle faults are complex and diverse, especially multi-cylinder engine motorcycles, there are often many factors that lead to the same fault, and the factors interact and influence each other, and the fault is not easy to accurately diagnose and completely eliminate. For this fault, maintenance personnel should not rush to disassemble the vehicle. First of all, according to the personal test experience, combined with the introduction of the owner, summarize all the relevant factors that may cause this kind of failure, draw a causal relationship diagram. Consider the relevant factors in the diagram, seize the main cause factors, determine the fault location, and determine which parts need to be disassembled for inspection.


Third, do a good job of dismantling records

According to the principle of "outside before inside, easy after difficult", the car is dismantled in order. For motorcycles whose structure is not very familiar, parts are recorded in the order of dismantling, including adjusting the assembly position of small parts such as washers. Assembly diagram should be drawn for parts with complex assembly relationship.

Fourth, the same name parts to make coloring marks

The heat engine part of the multi-cylinder engine has many parts with the same name, although these parts look the same structure, shape and size, but after the motorcycle is used for a long time, the wear and deformation of the parts with the same name can not be consistent. As the amount of wear of the two exhaust valves of a cylinder is not consistent, if the two exhaust valves are interchanged after assembly, it is difficult to reliably seal between the exhaust valve and the exhaust valve seat. Therefore, the parts with the same name should not be exchanged as much as possible. The parts with the same name of the same cylinder are painted and marked, and the parts with the same name removed from different cylinders are placed separately.

Five, mark the timing of the valve

The valve system of multi-cylinder engine is one of the most complex and critical systems of engine. Different engine valve timing marking methods are often different, and valve timing and ignition timing are coordinated and unified with each other. If any adjustment is wrong, the engine will not work normally. For models that are not very familiar with, before disassembling the valve mechanism, it is necessary to explore the meaning and proofreading method of the valve timing and ignition timing mark. If the mark is not on or vague, make the mark yourself and then disassemble it.

Six. Loading requirements

After troubleshooting, the vehicle shall be loaded in reverse order according to the dismantling record, coloring mark and valve timing. During assembly, the sealing property of the engine cooling channel, oil passage, airway and each sealing surface shall be ensured. The scale, oil scale and carbon deposit shall be cleaned, and the air discharge in the cooling channel and hydraulic brake pipeline shall be clean.

In short, the multi-cylinder engine motorcycle structure is complex, the current reference material is not much, the repair is difficult, the maintenance can not be rushed, blind disassembly, should be good at analysis, the method is stable, careful handling.

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