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Maintenance motorcycle 35 details, after learning twice the result
Release date:2024.03.07

(1) When the engine is disassembled, drain the oil.

(2) Dust and sludge shall not enter the engine.

(3) When the oil is put, it needs to be carried out when the oil is warm.

(4) When the spark plug is installed, tighten it with your fingers first, and then tighten it with the spark plug plate hand.

(5) The check of valve clearance should be carried out in cold state (cylinder temperature below 35 degrees).

(6) When adjusting the chain, the scale of the marks on both sides should be consistent.

(7) When the chain is installed, the opening direction of the chain clip should be opposite to the direction of the chain movement.

(8) When the battery is replenished, distilled water should be added.

(9) Tire pressure should be checked when it is cold.

(10) All kinds of cable replacement shall not have rotation interference with the handlebars.


(11) When the spark plug jumps the fire test, be careful not to have gasoline leakage or too close to the tank.

(12) The oil tank switch lock nut should not be too tight.

(13) When adjusting the idle speed, the idle positioning screw will not rotate too much to avoid damage to the nail seat.

(14) When disassembling and installing the air lock clamp, the valve spring should not be excessively compressed.

(15) When using the reamer, cutting oil should be applied.

(16) The valve should not generally be placed on the ground.

(17) Valve maintenance, not only pay attention to tightness, but also pay attention to the position and width of the contact.

(18) The outer diameter of the detection piston is generally measured at 10㎜ from the bottom of the piston.

(19) When the piston ring is installed, the top ring and the second ring cannot be reversed.

(20) When the piston ring is installed, do not scratch the piston.

(21) When the engine is assembled, each oil hole cannot be blocked.

(22) Disassemble the piston pin once, and try to use the new piston pin stop ring.

(23) The piston pin stop ring must not be aligned with the piston opening.

(24) When the bearing is installed, the sealing end should generally face out.

(25) Brake maintenance shall not be stained with any grease.

(26) When the wheel is installed, the odometer boss should be aligned with the slot in the wheel.

(27) When installing the riser nut, first adjust the nut fastening to the end, and then return to 45 degrees, generally so that the free gap is suitable.

(28) The bearing shall not tilt when pressed.

(29) The temperature of the battery should not exceed 45 degrees when charging.

(30) When charging the battery, attention should be paid to ventilation to prevent sparks and open flames.

(31) Generally replace the seals and cotter pins after disassembly.

(32) After disassembly and inspection of engine and transmission components, apply lubricating oil on the surface to prevent rust.

(33) Tighten nuts and bolts, using the cross method, to the torque value specified in the installation instructions.

(34) When installing parts, pay attention to adding the corresponding lubricating grease.

(35) Use special and general purpose tools.

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