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Motorcycle maintenance 7 small secret formula, the old master 20 years of car repair experience!
Release date:2024.03.07

Many people worry about motorcycle maintenance, so they encounter very small problems, resulting in too much cost of maintenance, in fact, there are many small problems we can DIY to solve it, the following introduces 7 motorcycle maintenance tips.

1. Remove rust from the fuel tank

Rust in the gasoline box of the motorcycle is often encountered, and if it is not removed in time, it may block the oil circuit, but it is very troublesome to clean up. You can find a small stick about 30 centimeters long and slightly flexible, fix a magnet at one end and stretch it into the bottom of the tank, and then take it out to clean up the rust on the magnet. This can be done several times to remove the rust.

2, skillfully wash the motorcycle carburetor

In the use of motorcycle carburetor, there is often sediment and water at the bottom of the carburetor, which affects the normal running of the vehicle. The following describes a method that can be cleaned without removing the carburetor: First turn off the oil switch, loosen the oil screw at the bottom of the carburetor with a screwdriver, and then open the oil switch, until there is oil flow out of the throttle outside the wall of the waste oil pipe to keep blowing (or pump). At this point, it will be found that mud and water are sprayed from the bottom of the carburetor drain line. Repeat this several times to clean the sediment and water in the carburetor buoy. Then tighten the bottom screw and the motorcycle can be used normally.


3, electroplating parts rust removal

After the electroplated parts on the motorcycle are worn or eroded by rain, there will be different degrees of rust, and the serious rust will affect the appearance and damage the parts. It can be removed by a rust removal method that does not corrode the coating. First of all, the ammonium acetate (white powder crystal, chemical store sale) into the same amount of water, to be fully dissolved after the temperature to about 70 ° C, with a soft cloth dipped in the solution to scrub the rust parts, until the rust disappears, and then wipe the residual solution with a dry cloth, electroplating parts that bright.

4, the renovation of the chain

Many people often change the chain with serious wear, in fact, the chain is only worn in one direction. A chain has four directions that can be changed completely, as long as you open the chain latch, turn the chain over and reinstall it, as good as a new chain. When the two sides of the inner ring are worn, the chain can be disassembled and turned over to make the inner ring into the outer ring, so that two new faces can continue to be used. When all four sides of the chain are completely worn, it is not too late to replace them.

5,103 The magic of glue

In the daily use of motorcycles, it is difficult to avoid damage to some parts due to various reasons. For example, driving a fall or improper driving force may cause the motorcycle lamp shade, protection plate and other plastic and metal parts to break, thread slide is a common phenomenon. The use of 103 high-strength fast 2-in-1 glue can be quickly repaired, saving money and effort. For example, when repairing thread sliding wire operation, first clean and clean the aluminum chips and mud in the sliding wire hole, and then evenly apply 103 glue to the inner wall of the hole, and fix the cylinder head stud family manhole for 2 hours, you can use it normally. The motorcycle guard. Lamp shade and other plastic parts damaged, according to the instructions to use 103 glue treatment is more convenient and practical. However, damage to important parts cannot be repaired in this way, and new parts must be replaced.

6. Homemade protective rubber pad

The two sides of the cover of many straddle motorcycles are inserted into the rubber pad on the mounting hole of the body by the arrowhead mounting column on the inside of the cover to achieve the purpose of fixing. However, because the cover needs to be removed frequently, it is easy to crack or lose the rubber pad, and this small part is not easy to match, a brief introduction is as follows: find a rubber cork of an infusion bottle, according to the size of the installation column, use a screwdriver and other tax device to drill a hole in the middle of the rubber plug, and appropriately remove some rubber, so that the installation column can be inserted. Then insert the small end of the rubber plug into the mounting hole on the car body (if the hole is small, the rubber small end can be cut along the longitudinal slit), and then install the cover. Due to the good material of the infusion bottle stopper, large elasticity, high strength, very durable.

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