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Will the motorcycle market in 2024 still be a price war?
Release date:2024.03.14

The motorcycle market price war in 2023 is actually a price war of inventory digestion. On March 1, 2024, Haojue took the lead in cutting prices, followed by Taizhou pedal, which seems to indicate that the motorcycle market in 2024 will also be a brutal price war year. However, with the new product conferences of Dayang, Seckelon and Wuji on March 10, 11 and 12, you will feel that the industry competition will be upgraded from a price war to a higher level of value war.

In theory, the price war is the most direct and effective way of competition, but the price war can not be fought forever. When price is infinitely close to value, it is the beginning of cruel elimination. China's motorcycle manufacturing enterprises from more than 300 20 years ago, the competition has developed to now, in the production of first-class qualification enterprises are only more than 80. Of these more than 80, most rely on exports to survive. If only domestic sales are counted, there are only about ten enterprises on the scale of domestic.

Why say that Dayang, Seckelon, Wuji these three domestic head brands have held a press conference is the opening of the value war? Although these three brands have the product price adjustment part of the press conference, they all emphasize their product strength and brand strength, and they have not put the price war in the first place. As Dayang Lu said, the price war to the end is certainly immobile, technical competition, dislocation competition will become the mainstream. Dayang is the first to apply hybrid technology to motorcycles, Dayang Vi-Core4.0 technology will not only be used in new products, but also directly compatible with the upgrade of old products. Dayang adopts dislocation competition, and the 125-displacement scooter adopts water-cooled engine, Vi-Core4.0 hybrid technology, dual-channel ABS+TCS, and is configured with pull to cope with the extrusion of Japanese joint venture brands.

Seclon is to broaden the product line, enrich the value chain, lightweight technology, belt drive, dual-channel ABS+TCS, T-BOX and other configurations to their own product line, the key is to increase these configurations, to create more cost-effective products to seize the young people's first motorcycle market. The 250 retro pedal, 150 retro pedal, 600 imitation race, cruise and other new products that will be listed this year have determined that the competition of Zongshen Sekelon is no longer naked price competition, but will lead the competition to value war, brand war, strength war.

Wuji today released its own hybrid technology V-HEV technology, the principle is the same as Dayang's Vi-Core4.0, as for the stability of the technology, because it is still the first, but also needs to be tested by the market, but also shows that Wuji can not always appear in the industry as the image of the price butcher.

From the price war to the value war, although not as direct as the price war, but it will lead the competition and cruel elimination war to a higher level. We can imagine that 2024 will be the year of profit compression of motorcycle manufacturers, perhaps in the next three or five years, and will eliminate a number of weak motorcycle manufacturers!

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