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Can be listed on the brand Qiu long light bee 3C version
Release date:2024.03.14

Qiu Long technology under the light bee 3C version officially released, from now on light bee can not only through the forest road, but also can travel in the city. Qiu Long 3C version listed price of 21980 yuan.

Light bee is the first product of Qiu Long technology, the car has been listed since 2017, with a keen design, light bee found a new balance point between bicycles and off-road motorcycles, the advantage of volume and weight gives it a flexible sense of control, even if the lack of off-road motorcycle driving experience and small body type girls can quickly get started in a short time.

With its light body, extremely low operating difficulty and ultra-high off-road capability, the off-road sport can be easily popularized and entered, creating an unprecedented model category. It has become a symbol of individuality and freedom.


With light bee as a starting point, Qiu Long has developed rapidly in recent years, selling more than 50 countries overseas. At the same time, he actively participated in local competitions in Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries, and entered the FIM "E-Xplorer Championship" competition model. For the Chinese brands that have not been known for brand marketing, Qiu Long can be described as the light of domestic goods, and truly realized the comprehensive move from brand to product to international.

And the listing of the dragon light bee 3C version, but also after many iterations of the upgrade, performance and quality are very perfect, at the same time for headlights, license bracket, integrated signal and power interface have been upgraded.

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