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Absolutely open your eyes! Five car knowledge that 40-year-old drivers don't know
Release date:2019.07.09
There are red and yellow spots on the tire.
Most car owners may clearly state the brand, specifications and dimensions of tires, but do you know what the two points of red and yellow on tires mean?

Hollow yellow spot
It's a light spot mark on the tire, indicating that this position is the lightest one in the tire. The valve is the most important point on the corresponding hub. When assembling the tire, the position of the yellow mark on the tire should be set to the most important point on the corresponding hub so as to have better dynamic balance effect.
Solid Red Spot
It represents the biggest longitudinal steel point of the tire. To put it simply, the place marked with red dots is the most vibration point on the tire. When the vehicle rotates around the ground, each position in the tire will bear different extrusion force, which will indirectly affect driving comfort.
Maximum and Minimum Earthquake Point Identification
The most important point of the hub and the lightest point of the tire can complement each other, so that the bearing force of the whole wheel tends to be balanced, and driving comfort will be better.
At the same time, if you want to judge the quality of a tire, in addition to the brand and model of the tire, you can also determine whether the valve nozzle on the tire corresponds to the Yellow spot. If the two do not correspond, the quality is not good.
There is a line outside the rearview mirror of the car.

Many car owners will find a line on the outside of the left rearview mirror after purchasing a car, and even think it is a defect in the process of vehicle manufacturing.
But that's not the case. The design of this line is to expand the vision and narrow the blind area of vision when driving, and to provide certain safety assistance for drivers to parallel, turn and observe the situation behind the vehicle.
Look at the direction of the tank cover from the lamp of the oil meter
Vehicle fuel tank cover has some on the left side and some on the right side. We should keep in mind the position of the fuel tank cover of our vehicle. When refueling, we should park the vehicle in the corresponding position, otherwise the fuel pipe may not be long enough.

Partners can observe that there is an arrow mark on their vehicle's fuel gauge, which side the arrow points to and where our refueling outlet is.
We've tested it with different brands of vehicles, and that's true. However, without this arrow, individual models can only rely on their own memory.
There is an escape pod in the car.

When encountering a car accident, the most important thing for the people inside the car is to escape to the outside of the car, so the doors, windows and skylights have become escape passages. But some accidents may cause body deformation, doors and windows can not be opened, at this time escape from the reserve compartment may be a way.
In order to provide more escape options for the personnel in the car, many models have switches in the trunk. In critical moments, the personnel in the car can put back seats, climb into the trunk, and open the trunk through the switch to escape.
At present, not all vehicles are equipped with this device, and the location and opening methods of different types of devices are different. It is recommended to have a detailed understanding after purchase.
The scale of the speedometer for 30 km and 50 km is red.

I wonder if you have noticed that most of the German speedometers are marked in red on the scale of 30 km and 50 km, which is different from others.
This is because in German road speed limit, 30 km and 50 km are two important speed limit indicators. So German cars will mark these two speeds in striking red on the dashboard to attract the driver's attention. It really has nothing to do with shifting, rotating speed, etc.