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Classification of Vehicle Types
Release date:2019.07.10

1. SUV-Automobile Basic Knowledge
The full name of SUV is Sport Utility Vehicle, which means sports multi-purpose vehicle in Chinese. Nowadays SUVs generally refer to those models which are based on car platform and have both car comfort and off-road characteristics to a certain extent. Because of the multi-combination function of MPV seats, the vehicle can carry both human and cargo, and has a wide range of applications.


2. MPV-Automobile Basic Knowledge
The full name of MPV is Multi-Purpose Vehicle, that is, multi-purpose vehicle. It integrates the functions of a car, a traveling car and a van. Each seat in the car can be adjusted. There are various combinations. For example, the back of the middle seat can be turned into a table, and the front seat can be rotated 180 degrees. In recent years, MPV tends to be miniaturized, and the so-called S-MPV, S is small. The S-MPV is usually between (4.2-4.3) m in length and has a compact body with (5-7) seats.


3. CKD-Automobile Basic Knowledge
CKD is the abbreviation of Completely Knocked Down in English, which means "completely dismantled". In other words, CKD car is imported or imported, the car enters in a state of complete disassembly, and then assembles all parts of the car into a complete vehicle. When introducing advanced technology of foreign automobiles, our country usually adopts CKD assembly mode at the beginning, and buys all parts of foreign advanced automobile models, and assembles the whole vehicle in the same domestic automobile factory.


4. RV-Basic Knowledge of Automobile
The full name of RV is Recreati & a Vehicle, which is a kind of recreational, leisure and travel car. The first country to put forward the concept of RV is Japan. RV covers a wide range of areas, there is no strict scope. Generally speaking, all light passenger cars except cars and sports cars can be classified as RV. MPV and SUV also belong to RV.
5. Pickup-Automobile Basic Knowledge
Pick-up (PICK-UP) is also known as sedan car. As the name implies, the sedan car is also carded. It is a kind of car with an open truck compartment and a car head and cab. Its characteristics are not only car-like comfort, but also strong power, and better than the car's ability to load goods and adapt to poor road surface. Basic knowledge of automobile, automobile knowledge. The most common type of pickup truck is the double-seater pickup truck, which is the most popular pickup truck in the market.


6. SKD Automobile-Automobile Basic Knowledge
SKD is the abbreviation of Semi-KnockedDown in English, which means "semi-bulk". In other words, SKD automobiles refer to automobiles imported from abroad (such as engines, cabs, chassis, etc.) and then assembled in domestic automobile factories. SKD is equivalent to people making automobiles into "semi-finished products" and simple assembly into the whole car after importation.
7. Concept Vehicle - Basic Knowledge of Automobile
Concept cars are freely translated from English Conception Car. The concept car is not an Ep model to be put into production, it is just to show people the designer's novel, unique and advanced ideas. Basic knowledge of automobile, automobile knowledge. The concept car is still in the creative and experimental stage and will probably never be put into production. Because it is not a mass-produced commercial vehicle, each concept car can get rid of the shackles of production and manufacturing level more, and even exaggerate the stratum to show its unique charm.
8. Classic Cars - Basic Knowledge of Automobiles
Classical cars are also called classical cars, generally referring to cars 20 years ago or older. The old car is a product of nostalgia, a car that people used in the past and can still work.


These are the common types of cars on the market.