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Can motorcycles shift continuously by pinching clutch? Why?
Release date:2019.07.10
        In terms of mechanical structure, it can be operated in this way. Motorcycles have two shifting structures, one is circular gear, the other is international gear. Circulating gear can be directly hung back to neutral gear or through neutral gear to first gear, while international gear is structured as neutral gear between first gear and second gear, which needs to be first stepped into first gear, then to second gear, and then to continue to be hoisted. If you want to restore neutral gear, you can be hung up to neutral gear by slightly stepping on the gear lever from second gear, however. Some people are not adapted at the beginning. Maybe the second gear will be hung directly to the first gear, so they can get familiar with it slowly.
        So let's get back to the point. Can motorcycles shift continuously when they pinch the clutch? When I want to tell you, as long as the engine is in the starting state, holding the clutch, it can be directly hooked from the first gear to the sixth gear, and then stepped back from the sixth gear, but if the engine is not started, the gear rod rebound strength is not enough, generally hanging to the second gear will not be able to hang to the third gear, although it can be operated, but if the engine is not started, the gear rod rebound strength is not enough. In the case of driving, it is better not to upgrade too much or downgrade too much at the same time, because it will have a certain impact on normal driving, mainly the following points:
1. Continuous promotion too fast
        Continuous upgrading too fast will lead to insufficient engine power. If, according to the general operation, the engine is upgraded one gear at a time, then the engine speed only drops a little, and then continues to speed up.
But if the engine is continuously raised by two or three gears, the speed of the engine will drop a lot. It can be adjusted directly from 7000 rpm to 3500 rpm. The original peak power output will turn into a soft persimmon slowly increasing in an instant. In addition to affecting the driving pleasure, it seems like a sudden deceleration in the car of the same trade, in extreme cases. It will also affect security.
2. Continuous downshifting too fast
        Motorcycle driving, like automobiles, needs to be downshifted when overtaking. Auto-shifting automobiles will automatically downshift when overtaking. They can even be downshifted three or four gears continuously, and the speed will rise. However, automobiles have gearbox adjustment settings, which can effectively prevent the frustration caused by sudden downshifting, but motorcycles are manual. Variable speed and clutch are all manual. If there are too many continuous downshifts, besides the sudden increase of speed, the rear wheel will be suddenly locked up. Poor control may lead to overturning.
So we can conclude that motorcycles can shift continuously from mechanical structure, but it is recommended not to do so in practice, because it will lead to some consequences that have an impact on driving.