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How did Indian motorcycles achieve reputation and higher sales in South Asia and Africa than in China
Release date:2024.03.21


India, although India's industrial base is poor, but the Indian motorcycle has done good quality, the price is not expensive, word-of-mouth and sales in the third world countries are good, selling South Asia and African countries. Our Chinese motorcycles, which are the world's factories, have been deeply cultivated in these countries and regions for decades, but there is still a big gap between them and Indian motorcycles in terms of reputation and sales.

First of all, this tells us not to underestimate India, India is already our competitor, and we should no longer implement loose policies for India, but should adopt relevant policies in equal measure. For example, as far as possible to ban each other's products, as hard as possible to check each other's companies, as far as possible to suppress each other's companies and products and so on... This is what India has been doing for years.

So, the motorcycle industry, mainly in the low-cost motorcycle products, with India's poor industrial level, how is India in the low-cost motorcycle quality, price, sales in these years better than China's low-cost motorcycle products?

One of the main reasons for this may be a side effect of the anti-motorcycle policy implemented in China.

We have implemented the ban in China, which will undoubtedly make our country's motorcycle enterprises greatly reduce the output, and the motorcycle productivity has reduced by at least 80% of the production capacity after the ban. Look at the comparison of electric cars and motorcycles running on the street now is a very intuitive comparison. It's easy to see 100 electric cars on the street, but it's hard to see a motorcycle these days.

The reduction of production capacity will directly increase production costs on the one hand, and reduce research and development investment on the other hand, and the two complement each other and have immediate results.

And the fact also shows that the beginning of the ban in our country is also the beginning of the Indian motorcycle to catch up.

With the size of India's 1 billion population, through India's own huge demand for motorcycles, Indian motorcycle companies in the face of huge production, not only greatly reduce the cost, the increase in income to promote research and development investment has successfully improved the quantitative change but also the qualitative change.

This accumulation of technology and experience over successive decades will naturally benefit the Indian motorcycle industry.

On the contrary, China's motorcycle industry has wasted the population advantage of this decade to help the motorcycle industry because of the national ban policy.

Of course, China's anti-motorcycle policy has also promoted the development of China's electric vehicle (including two-wheeled electric vehicles) industry, so that China's electric vehicles have entered the world's first echelon in capacity and technology. At the same time, now more and more countries because of environmental awareness began to promote the use of electric vehicles. China's ban on motorcycle policy now seems to be right and wrong.

In addition, India's motorcycle industry can develop, but also with the world's motorcycle companies have to invest in India, cooperation has a great relationship. Many famous motorcycle companies from Japan, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States have invested in India, which has helped India's motorcycle industry a lot from the production process, quality standards to research and development capabilities, design level.

Of course, China also has the experience of cooperating with foreign motorcycle companies in production, and has also been a great help to the development of China's motorcycle, but after the ban in China, the efforts of these foreign motorcycle companies to help India gradually turned to more.

The most intuitive performance is such as India's hero motorcycle, through the cooperation with Japan's Honda, so that India's hero motorcycle in South Asia, India, Nepal, and even Pakistan to African countries are good reputation and sales.

Of course, the high demands and bizarre uses of Indian motorcycles have probably strengthened some of the quality and recognition of Indian motorcycles.

Look at those multi-rider motorbikes in the Indian parade. A motorcycle took dozens of people, motorcycles on the stairs, a motorcycle on a class of soldiers armed into and so on. I think the people and government of our country will not have such requirements and preferences.

At the same time, the relatively cheap cost of labor land in India has also helped the Indian motorcycle industry, especially the export of Indian motorcycles has played a great role.

You know, wages in our country are about 3 to 5 times higher than in India, and the cost of land, thanks to real estate, is also higher in our country. Moreover, China's environmental assessment requirements for factories are also higher than India's, which make our products higher than India in terms of production costs related to these labor land and other aspects.

Therefore, to sum up, the motorcycles produced in India have achieved a better balance of good quality and low price, so, in low-income third world countries, Indian motorcycles have a certain advantage.

Of course, that's not all. In the South Asian region, India has dominated the South Asian countries for many years, from culture to politics to economy and even military, population and other aspects have been widely penetrated for many years, and Indian products are easy to enter and control the market of these countries. China's products to enter these countries not only human intervention, and awareness is not high, in the way of thinking and doing things is also very different, people are not willing to go to these countries for a long time to work, which has caused China's motorcycle sales and after-sales work adverse factors more than India.

And then there's Africa, which is not as bad as South Asia, but it's pretty much the same. This is because the large number of Indians living and working in Africa began earlier and more broadly than China. In particular, the Indians who came to Africa to work with the British have a higher status than ordinary Africans even now.

So far, even in the economic aspects of many African countries, Indians have long occupied a larger share, and even in the political aspects of many African countries, Indians have long participated in the political negotiations, and the resistance of our Chinese products to African countries is higher than that of India.

Combining these various reasons, it is not difficult to understand that the reputation and sales of Chinese motorcycles in South Asia and Africa are lower than that of India.

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