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How to identify counterfeit oil?
Release date:2024.03.21

In the past two years, China's motorcycle market sales have grown rapidly, and the subsequent maintenance and modification of the post-market has also risen. The full-synthetic oil market for motorcycle maintenance has also begun to be mixed, some county motorcycle users, in the local unexpectedly can not find a repair station to repair the full-synthetic oil, but can not find a physical store that sells genuine full-synthetic oil, can only buy from the Internet, but the oil purchased online is difficult to distinguish between true and false, so I will talk about how to identify counterfeit oil today.

In fact, the so-called fake oil is added to the motorcycle once, and the phenomenon of motorcycle failure is basically impossible, but long-term use will have damage! Fake oil is generally shoddy, or posing as a big brand with high prices for profit. Therefore, when you buy oil, or to the physical store can buy the best oil, you just declare what brand of oil, so that the physical store to ensure the genuine, the general physical store dare not sell fake. If you buy online, you must be in the formal trading platform, find the official store is the best.


After the oil is bought, we first look at the packaging, genuine oil generally has an anti-counterfeiting identification two-dimensional code. By scanning code identification, in fact, 80% of the fake oil may have been filtered. Some brands of oil also have anti-counterfeiting technology of heat-sensitive materials, which is more secure. For example, when Honda Nishishi's fully synthetic oil burns 4T, the Honda small Wings logo will appear, and when Yamaha oil burns 4T, the Yamaha smooth English words will appear.

The second is to check the oil quality, check the oil quality can be checked by looking, smelling, shaking, freezing four methods. First look at the color of the oil, not the color of the problem, but to see whether the color of the oil is uniform, whether there are impurities or sediments. Uneven color or sediment almost certainly counterfeit oil.

The second is to smell the smell of oil, inferior oil has a pungent smell, or there is an obvious diesel or gasoline taste. The genuine oil has a special smell of additives, this smell is peaceful and not pungent, and even some people like to smell.

The third is to use a transparent container to install some oil, and then shake hard, to see the time of bubbles dissipated by the oil, this can only be seen by comparison, genuine oil contains anti-foam agent, so the bubbles will dissipate more quickly.

Fourth, if you are interested, you can freeze the oil in a freezer at minus 25 degrees for a day, and then look at the oil state, if it is opaque, the oil in the same state as lard, basically indicating that low temperature fluidity is not good. Good oil is still clear and clear, and the flow is very good.

Finally, the use of fake oil after a period of time, it is very easy to produce mud on the engine wall, indicating that the clean dispersion of this type of oil is not good enough. After using genuine oil for a period of time, the engine wall is as bright as new.

Summary of three points: 1, can buy oil in the physical store as far as possible not to buy online. Of course, you can refer to the prices on the Internet. 2, the cheap big brand oil can almost be determined to be fake oil. 3, oil change also has a lot of attention, if you buy genuine oil but there is no correct replacement method, will also bring damage to the engine, so it is correct to go to a professional physical store to change the oil!

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