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Huswana releases the two-cylinder Black Arrow 801, is it the KTM 790 Round lamp retro version you want?
Release date:2024.03.21

Those who want a KTM two-cylinder retro street car can prepare their wallets. Recently, Huswana has released the 2024 two-cylinder black Arrow - Svartpilen 801, which is based on the KTM 790 platform.

The 2024 Black Arrow 801 continues the consistent design of this series, the prominent round LED headlights, the fuel tank lines are still angular, the rear design of the exhaust, and the tail looks like a single seat, but it is actually a two-person split seat cushion, LED taillights are integrated under the rear seat.

The new Black Arrow 801 is equipped with 799cc LC8c two-cylinder engine, the power output adjustment is similar to the 790 Duke, the maximum horsepower 105PS(77kW)@9250rpm, the maximum torque 87N·m@8000rpm; Coupled with the PASC sliding clutch and Easy Shift bi-directional fast exhaust, the new engine also complies with Euro5+ emission standards.


In the driving control, the Black Arrow 801 also follows the road number similar to KTM, the new car has three optional riding modes of street, rainy day and sport (optional custom mode), with standard corner ABS and MTC traction control; Optional MSR engine brake control, cruise control, five-level anti-tilt head control system.

In terms of hardware configuration, Huswana also equipped the Black Arrow 801 with WP APEX suspension kit, 140mm inverted front fork, adjustable compression and rebound damping, 150mm stroke rear shock absorber, adjustable preload and rebound. New car ground clearance 174mm, seat height 820mm.

The brakes are J.UAN (West Cross) kit, front double 300mm plates + black anodized radially mounted four-piston calipers, rear 240mm plates + double-piston floating calipers. (Bosch Bend ABS also offers a Supermoto mode with the rear wheels closed).

The vehicle information is displayed by a 5-inch TFT meter, which can connect to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, navigation, phone calls, music and more; The new car has a dry weight of 181kg, a fuel tank capacity of 14L, and an official fuel consumption of 4.5L/100km.

The 2024 Huswana Black Arrow 801 is priced at $10,899 in North America, about RMB 785,000. According to the current domestic situation, the price of new cars entering the country is expected to be similar to this ~

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