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$20,000 for a 600cc sports car? The domestic medium displacement sports car adds a new choice
Release date:2024.03.21

Some time ago released a number of new cars Zongshen Sekelon has a new action, recently officially declared RC600 sports car appearance patent was published, the new car is expected to be soon listed, the domestic medium displacement sports car will increase a new choice.

The final shape of Secron's new RC600 is largely consistent with the previous show, the front face shape maintains the design of the series, the new car's shape is integrated into the aerodynamic design, in addition to the barb type LED headlights on both sides of the prominent fixed wind wings, the front of the fuel tank is also designed with the air intake grille.

The main frame of the RC600 is a steel pipe frame, and the rear is a lightweight aluminum alloy single rocker arm. Suspension system is adjustable inverted front shock absorption + rear middle single shock absorption, brake is front double disc + rear single disc, auxiliary front radial four piston calipers, double channel ABS, TCS.

The power part is equipped with ND560 two-cylinder power platform, supplemented by sliding clutch; Previously disclosed maximum power of 43.5kW/8500rpm, maximum torque of 55N·m/6500rpm; The factory maximum speed is 190km/h.

Other configurations include TFT instrument and tachograph; The tire specifications are 120/70ZR17 for the front and 160/60ZR17 for the rear. The seat height is 800mm, the fuel tank capacity is 15L, and the service mass is 198kg.

Sekelon at the beginning of this year, with 28,000 price released the same platform adventure model RX600, and in the motorcycle market, ADV models have always been more expensive than the same level of street cars, sports cars, Sekelon this new RC600 sports car listed price, is expected to be more than 20,000.

At present, there are many 400~500cc class sports cars in China about 30,000 yuan, if the price of Secron RC600 is really 20,000 big, you will use it as an alternative model?

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