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$70,000 for Kawasaki's new Ninja e-1, or the four-cylinder ZX-4R?
Release date:2024.03.21

With a budget of $70,000, do you want Kawasaki's new Ninja e-1 or Ninja ZX-4R? This is an extension of the discussion that Kawasaki released a new electric motorcycle yesterday, which is priced 900 yuan cheaper than the fuel four-cylinder, and the domestic starting price is 68,900 yuan.

The exterior design of Kawasaki's new Ninja e-1 is not as imaginative as that of other manufacturers, but takes the safest route. The look of the new car, which has been branded Ninja, follows the family design of the series. Just from the styling point of view, it seems that there is no problem to say that a fuel model.

Since it is an electric model, the new car can not be around the battery life and charging, although Kawasaki's vehicle design is excellent, the data in these two aspects is only so-so. The Ninja e-1 is equipped with two sets of lithium batteries with a maximum capacity of 50.4V/30Ah, and the operating range is 72km, which takes seven and a half hours to fully charge the two sets of batteries (3.7 hours for one set). The fast charging system takes 1.6 hours to charge from 20 to 85%.


The Ninja e-1 has a peak horsepower of 12PS and the usual peak torque of 40.5N·m for an electric model. The standard speed is 64km/h, and the fastest speed can reach 99km/h after starting the power mode. This power reserve is not great, similar to the 125cc class.

The Ninja e-1's suspension, brakes and frame are similar to conventional fuel models, with front 100/80-17 tyres and rear 130/70-17 tyres, and a seat height of 785mm. The service weight is only 140kg.

The arrival of the new Ninja e-1 heralds Kawasaki's official entry into the electric motorcycle field, and the strategic significance of the new car may be greater than the model itself. Ninja e-1 just shows that Kawasaki has the ability to build a good motorcycle, and when conditions such as batteries are more mature, it can continue to play a strong role in the fun market.

In the current domestic situation, 68900 yuan Ninja e-1 suddenly highlighted the cost performance of Kawasaki's own Ninja ZX-4R, Kawasaki this wave may be in the fifth floor, this time through the electric motorcycle to promote their own four-cylinder 400(doge). What makes the electric Ninja e-1 shine is perhaps a green brand with no limits

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