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A new round of motorcycle reshuffle begins, right or wrong on the hero to five years
Release date:2024.03.28

The development of any industry will experience a shift from the buyer's market to the seller's market, and then go through a process of free elimination, so as to achieve the balance of supply and demand of the industry, and the stable development of the industry. However, using this theory to look at China's motorcycle industry, it does not seem to be such a path. ,

As early as more than 20 years ago, almost all manufacturers believe that after the fierce elimination, there should be only more than 10 Chinese motorcycle manufacturers, but until now, China's motorcycle manufacturers are still operating at least 100. Is the Chinese market an exception?


In fact, China's motorcycle market also follows this law, we take a look at the domestic road car market, is firmly controlled by several major joint venture brands and Haojou. So why do so many brands survive? This is because our motorcycle excess production capacity has opened up overseas markets, if you go to statistics, about 80% of China's motorcycle manufacturers are relying on exports to maintain their own survival.

As the domestic motorcycle market began to transition to the middle and large row in the process, and let many motorcycle manufacturers see the opportunity to open up new areas of competition, and the emergence of Qianjiang, spring breeze, Wuji, Saikelon, Dayang, Benda and other good brands. In the process of transformation, the performance is particularly good such as spring breeze, completely by a second-tier brand among the industry's first-line brands, and successfully married with Yamaha.

However, the motorcycle industry has entered a new round of cruel elimination period since last year, so in our impression, the price war is very busy. However, this is only in the industry's early high profits were compressed, the real advanced stage of competition is the quality of competition, brand competition. This stage will probably start from the release of Honda NX400 this year, the next five years, Honda from 125 displacement, to the middle row, and then to the big trade car, the Chinese market has a planned offensive and defensive war, which will put a strong pressure on the domestic market's own brands! Perhaps five years or so we can see some of the strength of the brand tragic curtain call.

Motorcycle is not simply to see the configuration, the combination of various famous brand configuration is not to make a motorcycle brand with a soul. Quality control and brand building is a systematic project, which must have its own accumulation and core things, with the improvement of the sales system and after-sales system, and assume some social responsibilities, which is the construction and creation of the brand.

And we are now many large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, more enthusiastic is to launch higher configuration, larger displacement, lower price products, in order to win the flow of the market, but in the accumulation of technology and the establishment of the after-sales system have no confidence, lack of ability. In the process of product from project to market, anticlimactic, systematic is not strong, summary is not in place, technology has not been accumulated, reputation has not been established, and user loyalty has not been. I spent a lot of money, but the result was nothing but chicken feathers. If we lose the market of consumption upgrading, the domestic motorcycle brand is really irreversible, because only rely on exports to digest their excess production capacity, the risk is self-evident!

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