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How to distinguish a motorcycle from a fake
Release date:2024.03.28

Appearance coating identification

The motorcycle produced by regular motorcycle manufacturers has uniform surface coating, bright color, smooth feel, rich luster, and no raised particles on the coating surface; The fake car is generally uneven coating, different shades, color or light or bright, the coating is rough, there are raised particles of debris.

Number identification

The number of the motorcycle frame produced by the regular motorcycle manufacturers is computer coding, and the fake car is generally manually coding, the font is not arranged evenly, and the handwriting is different. The engine number pneumatic marking machine produced by the regular manufacturer is engraved, the font is arranged neatly, and the writing is clear, while the engine produced by the informal manufacturer is often inked by the inkjet machine.

Attachment identification

The product certificate, instruction manual, and quality assurance card attached to regular motorcycles are generally good in paper, beautifully printed, without mistakes or omissions, the car model is the same, and the quality assurance card and certificate should be filled in completely, generally computer code, no handwritten frame number or early production phenomenon; The fake car accessories printed paper is different, there are often wrong words, missing words phenomenon, quality assurance card and certificate should fill in the project and engine number, frame number, date and most of the handwriting, and some even empty items.

Material identification

The spare parts produced by regular manufacturers have been strictly inspected before being put into use, and the welding points are smooth; The oil tank and the front shock absorbing iron sheet of the fake car are mostly too thin, the electroplated parts such as the muffler are easy to rust, are not resistant to friction damage, the tires are too thin and even have impurities, the welding is uneven, and the rivet closing point of the throttle clutch line is easy to break.

Price and sales channel identification

Due to the formal enterprises to develop new brands and declare on the catalog need a lot of investment, state-owned main channel sales and need to pay taxes, therefore, the price of motorcycles is relatively high; Nanchang fake car does not have to develop a new brand, and does not declare the catalog, and the sale of fake value-added tax is issued, so the price is relatively low, and the general price is less than half of the genuine product.

Performance identification

The motorcycle produced by the regular enterprise has good starting performance, the engine is low, medium and high speed without abnormal sound, and the sound is mild, the start is smooth, the clutch is not slipping and vibration, and the speed is flexible; The fake car has poor kinetic energy, the engine is noisy at medium and high speed, and the clutch has slippage and vibration. In addition, if it is an imported motorcycle, the genuine package has a yellow: "CINB" circular commodity inspection safety certification mark with a diameter of 30 mm, and the fake car does not.

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