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390ADV big reexposure, there are two versions, the price or more than 30,000?
Release date:2024.04.03

The new KTM 390ADV has been exposed again, and recently some car friends have captured the official test of the new car on the Indian road, the modified model has changed greatly compared to the current sale model, and there are ADV, Enduro two versions.

From the exposed road test models, the new 390ADV has some new changes from the appearance, frame and power configuration, and the new car looks more KTM temperament than the old model, like a real short-cut ADV.

New look: the new 390ADV canceled the iconic donkey head, split kendo face design, the new car headlights and 1390DUKE's combined shape is somewhat similar, the upper and lower groups of circular lens headlights + strip LED, the front and large windshield, although there is no donkey head, but the front is still wild.

Enduro's headlights are a little more conventional, with the entire set of lights being a full circle smaller than the standard version, and there is no large windshield; Flat seat cushions, higher front fenders, no complicated accessories are more suitable for off-road.

New frame: The new 390ADV also has a new frame, the white steel frame construction is somewhat similar to the new 390 DUKE, KTM should also have done an upgrade to the ADV model, along with a new rear rocker arm, rear shock.

These optimizations are supposed to enhance the outdoor riding ability of this ADV, and the new car is also equipped with front 21 and back 18 inch spoke wheels.

Engine, braking: The engine should be the new 399cc single-cylinder engine, the KTM has also changed the exhaust, hidden underbed exhaust replaces the conventional design of the current model. The brake kit was also changed, with the front brake changed from the left to the right.

In addition, the instrument position of the new car seems to be adjusted a little higher, which is expected to be made to facilitate standing riding, the tires of the two models are a little different, the Enduro version of the grain is more convex, and the standard ADV version may also take into account a little road needs.

From the recent exposure of the real car, with the road test model exposed last year, KTM new 390ADV final shape should be this design, what do you think of this shape?

KTM has recently adjusted the official suggested retail price of 390 ADV to 38900 yuan, after the new model is listed, if the price is still in this range, you will use it as an alternative model?

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