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BMW pedal to become domestic? Another new gas-electric hybrid pedal is coming to market
Release date:2024.04.03

Recently, the domestic patent network has another interesting pedal announced, one said, just saw this new car patent shape, also thought BMW electric pedal CE-04 to electricity to change oil, but this is a domestic hybrid new model.

This model is the same as the BMW CE04 cyberpunk pedal, from the rise of manufacturers Haoxin in recent years, in fact, this new car has been bright before, the real car design modular elements are used more thoroughly than BMW, the vehicle looks more "square".

With its square front, raised front panels, straight rear lines, geometric trim pieces on the sides, and flat seat cushions, the X-type looks like an electric car like the BMW CE04.

There also seems to be something in the powertrain of the new car, with the official disclosure of a 157cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine with a maximum power of 10.7kw and a maximum torque of 14.9N·m; Coupled with its own hybrid technology, the power is increased by more than 30% and the fuel consumption is reduced by 10%.

Haojin this new pedal is expected to be listed soon after the completion of the design patent, the current hunting change part of the 150 pedal price of about 15,000 yuan, the new car price is expected to be the same price range.

This year's pedal market competition is more intense than the previous two years, like Sanyang and other traditional pedal manufacturers are in the price saving market, the rise of new manufacturers in recent years is not so good, the traditional factory quality control, supporting services and other aspects to be more complete, but also more advantageous, the price is similar, most riders may choose a little insurance.

Perhaps, like Haojin, the use of bold design, to join the current trend of fuel-electric hybrid system, will be a breakthrough point, after all, the real car texture and running quality need time to verify, and with exaggerated shape, new energy gimmicks or can immediately attract some willing to taste new users, in this wave of competition to survive.

What do you think of the recent rise of hybrid gas-electric motorcycles? A breakthrough new track, or an invisible trap?

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