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Kawasaki released a new KX250 off-road, priced from 77800 yuan, professional models of cost-effective choice?
Release date:2024.04.03

Recently, the domestic market is not only the regular market models of fierce competition, professional areas are also very interesting. Kawasaki today released two professional models - KX250, KX250X, the new domestic starting price of 77800 yuan, 79,800 yuan.

The two off-road Kawasaki cars are equipped with a new 249cc four-stroke engine, optimized inlet, piston, intake efficiency is further improved, and the power is stronger; It is also equipped with dual fuel injection, WSBK-derived FingerFollower valve structure, which is complemented by LaunchControl start control mode.

KX250 and KX250X are the same platform model, but the positioning is slightly different, the former is a high-performance sharps born for the arena, KX250X is based on the former developed from the Lindao sharps, the official also made some differences in this.


The KX250 seat height is 960mm, the tires are 21 inches in front and 19 inches in back, and the Motocross race class adjustable suspension system is equipped with 48mm inverted front suspension and the new NewUniTrak dual setting (high/low speed) compression rebound adjustable rear suspension.

The large size semi-floating 270mm front brake disc, with standard Dunlop MX33 tyres provides more traction and greater grip.

The KX250X is 945mm high and uses a combination of front 21 and back 18 aluminium wheels, while the race-class adjustable suspension system is the same as the former, but optimized for off-road scenarios, especially for aggressive riding on backcountry trails, where the spring stiffness and damping provide more feedback.

The same brake package is also optimised for off-road riding, including large semi-floating 270mm front brake discs and 240mm rear brake discs and dedicated brake pads; With Dunlop AT81 endurance race tyres, it can cope with all kinds of unexpected situations encountered in cross-country riding.

Both off-road sustained Kawasaki models feature a lightweight aluminum frame, standard aluminum RenthalFatbar handlebars, and extended pedals that absorb shock while helping the rider control the car, with four handlebars and two pedals that allow the rider to adjust to size and preference.

Both models come standard with three different parameter tuning DFI connectors (standard, hard and soft), which the plug and play rider can easily switch to adapt to different riding surfaces. For professional drivers looking to fine-tune the ECU, the KXFI handheld computer offers even more possibilities.

KX250 / KX252X Configuration parameters

Displacement: 249 cm3

Engine: Water cooled four stroke single cylinder 4 valve DOHC, dual injection fuel injection

Cylinder diameter x stroke: 78.0 x 52.2mm

Compression ratio: 14.1:1

Suspension: Front :ø48 mm inverted front fork, adjustable compression and rebound damping / 314 mm stroke

Back: The New Uni Trak features adjustable dual-stroke (high/low speed) compression damping, adjustable rebound damping and preload / 316 mm stroke

Brake: Front half floating ø270 mm spray disc with double piston calipers

Rear ø240 mm spray dish with single piston calipers

Tires: 80/100-21 110/90-19, 80/100-21 110/100-18

Sitting height: 960mm / 945mm

Dry weight: KX250 103.2Kg/KX250X 104.4Kg

Tank capacity: 6.2L

Kawasaki KX off-road series models began in 1973, in the AMA race won a lot of champions, Kawasaki this introduction of KX250, KX250X to love this extreme fun to provide a new choice, and the introduction of CKD way in the price is more competitive. What do you think of the two new cars from Kawasaki?

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