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Electric spray motorcycle afraid of carbon, must pay attention to three things!
Release date:2024.04.11

Now the motorcycle is the electric injection system fuel supply, regardless of fuel consumption, starting, failure rate, are much better than the carburetor motorcycle, however, in the daily use and maintenance of the electric injection motorcycle, there are some differences with the carburetor motorcycle, the electric injection motorcycle is most afraid of carbon deposit, once the carbon deposit is serious, it is prone to idle instability, sudden failure and other phenomena. The carbon deposit of EFI motorcycles is often caused by the owner's random maintenance according to the carburetor motorcycle.

In order to minimize the carbon deposition of the electric injection motorcycle, we must pay attention to three things: the oil of the regular fuel station, the spark plug is changed, and the original factory air filter is changed. Why emphasize these three points? Because a lot of car owners didn't care about those three things in the carburetor age.

In the past, in the carburetor era, many owners only needed cheap oil to make the motorcycle run. However, in the era of electric injection, if you add gasoline with poor oil quality, it will directly affect the normal work of the motorcycle, so the electric injection motorcycle refueling can only be added to the gas station with guaranteed oil quality.

For the road motorcycle, in the carburetor era, as long as the motorcycle can not start, everyone knows to change the spark plug, and most of them are for the kind of 5 dollars a spark plug. However, the electric spray motorcycle should try not to use this spark plug, this spark plug has two major drawbacks, one is the ignition energy is not concentrated, easy to make the engine carbon deposit, the second is the spark plug with a little longer time, easy to break in the spark plug installation hole when taken down, causing unnecessary losses to the engine.

Third, when the electric injection motorcycle replaces the air filter, please try to use the original filter, the advantage of the original filter is that the air is fully filtered, the intake volume is guaranteed, and it is not easy to produce carbon deposition.

What are the effects of serious carbon deposition on EFI motorcycles? If the throttle carbon deposit is serious, the position of the valve will change slightly during idle, and the computer will receive the wrong oil supply signal, resulting in insufficient combustion and further aggravating the production of carbon deposit.

If there is serious carbon accumulation on the valve, it will make the combustion chamber closed loosely, resulting in difficulty in starting the engine and unstable idle speed. If the combustion chamber is seriously carbon deposition, when the cold car starts, the dry carbon deposition will adsorb a large amount of gas mixture, making the gas mixture ratio thin, resulting in start-up difficulties, idling instability, etc., after starting, those adsorbed on the carbon deposition gas will participate in combustion, making the engine decoal, or further increase the carbon deposition, forming a vicious cycle.

If you have a bad oil, change a bad spark plug or air filter, don't worry, you can add carbon in the tank to remedy. Generally 125 scooter a tank of oil plus one, straddle a tank of oil plus two, large displacement a tank of oil plus three, adhere to the use of 3 tanks of oil, symptoms will be significantly improved.

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