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Selling only 1,800 units a year, KTM officially took ownership of the MV Agusta, a combination of art and violence
Release date:2024.04.11

MV Agusta, known for its design and known as the art of motorcycles, has also become KTM's brother, and recently KTM officially announced the acquisition of 50.1% of Augusta's shares in advance, officially bringing its revenue under its ownership.

MV Agusta was transferred to the Russian owner in 2019 and began its restructuring plan, but due to the impact of corporate decisions, the epidemic, and the economic environment, MV Agusta's sales are still declining all the way, and only more than 1,800 vehicles are sold globally in 2023.

In November 2023, KTM Group acquired 25% of MV Agusta's shares, directly controlling the two most strategic areas of "procurement and distribution", and this time it is further taking over MV Augusta in full, to plan a new way out for this manufacturer.

Although it is not yet known what new changes MV Agusta will have after KTM takes power, in previous interviews, KTM executives said that Augusta will maintain its own art image in the future and continue to take a high-end route.

MV Agusta's new Enduro Veloce, which was originally called the Lucky Explorer 9.5, has been rebranded and officially launched overseas for $22,998, more expensive than the larger-engine top-of-the-line ADV non-twin ($17,599).

From the information disclosed so far, MV Agusta will continue to invest in the medium-term plan of the Varese plant with an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 vehicles, but it is a little curious how KTM will achieve this goal if it only sells high-end models in the future.

As for the small and medium displacement models that have been disclosed before, they can only be met in dreams. And want MV Agusta new car riders do not panic, the budget is not enough high-end new models, you can wait for a new second-hand (doge)~

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