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Motorcycles are also gas-electric hybrid, Wuji 150 new pedals listed, priced from 13,980 yuan
Release date:2024.04.11

Petrol-electric hybrid cars are selling hot, and there are hybrid new cars to be launched on the motorcycle side. Wuji's new petrol-electric hybrid SR150GT H was officially released today, with a starting price of 13,980 yuan.

Wuji's new SR150GT H is the most notable, naturally, for the first time equipped with 48V "V-HEV motorcycle hybrid technology platform", this hybrid system is similar to the 48V light hybrid technology commonly used in cars, with the car to reduce fuel consumption is different, the motorcycle's fuel-electric hybrid is more to enhance the output of power.

The SR150GT H is powered by a 149.6cc single-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 11kW@8250rpm and a maximum torque of 14N·m@6500rpm, and while the power output looks unimpressive, the acceleration experience is better than ever.

0~60km/h start acceleration performance increased by 20%, 30~70km/h exceed acceleration performance increased by 25%, starting or overtaking and other aspects have more advantages, which is not the conventional 150cc fuel pedal.

Wuji has also applied for some practical patents for this hybrid system, the first: the battery heating system, which can operate freely in the extremely cold environment of minus 20 degrees Celsius. Second: The charging efficiency is improved, which can reduce the energy loss of the battery when charging. Third: dynamic adjustment of power output, according to the actual use of the user intelligent adjustment of the motor's power degree.


The appearance of the new SR150GT H looks similar to the standard fuel model, the shape is biased to the sports design, the iconic mecha style front face, the LED light group, the overall look is still very personality.

In terms of configuration, dual-channel ABS, TCS, 6-inch color instruments are standard, and the fuel tank capacity of the new car is 8L and the maintenance mass is 139kg.

Wuji this time is really to the 150cc level pedal strength, the price of this gas-electric hybrid new car is the same as the previous urban version, will increase the amount without increasing the price to the end, you think Wuji new gas-electric hybrid SR150GT H how?

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