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Why is the difference between good and bad motorcycle mirrors very large?
Release date:2024.04.18

Motorcycle rearview mirror is the most needed but the most attention to motorcycle accessories, especially the road models, many motorcycles either lack a rearview mirror, or two rearview mirrors like a decapitated duck, drooping a head, there is no way to fix, can not see the role behind. Some owners once the rearview mirror is broken, just buy a pair, anyway, a lot of cheap online, there is no need to buy the original factory. Is that right?

In fact, there are three major differences between high-quality rearview mirrors and inferior rearview mirrors:

1, the difference of mirror, high-quality rearview mirror must be convex mirror, or called spherical mirror, this mirror has a wider field of view, the back of the lens are covered with explosion-proof film, and inferior mirror in order to save costs, some are actually flat mirrors, and the back of the lens is not covered with explosion-proof film, once a collision accident, the lens is easy to crash and fly out, giving people secondary damage.

2, the safety of the rearview mirror should be left and right with positive and negative silk, the left rearview mirror is straight silk, the right rearview mirror is reflective, the purpose of this design is to crash or fall in the process, the rearview mirror will loose, reduce the intensity of the collision and fall, but also reduce the probability of the rearview mirror broken. The left and right rearview mirrors are silk mirrors in order to reduce costs, simply can not meet the safety requirements. So remember, next time don't complain about the cis-trans design of the rearview mirror, it's a safer mirror.

3, the difference between the thickness of the rearview mirror rod, now many road models in order to reduce costs, are the purchase of the kind of mirror rod is very thin mirror, in fact, the diameter of the rearview mirror rod must reach at least 1 cm or more to be basically qualified, if you want to make the rearview mirror durable and not easy to produce resonance affect the line of sight, the mirror rod at least 1.2 cm or more can be, the mirror rod thick, The diameter of the ball head of the fixed rearview mirror is larger, the rearview mirror is easier to fix, does not resonate, and the rearview mirror will not be used for a long time like a decapitated duck with its head drooping.

Look, a simple rearview mirror has so many mysteries, so we must not take the rearview mirror as a simple raincoat or mobile phone holder fixed accessories, but should pay more attention to the safety attributes of the rearview mirror, so as to stay away from accidents and ride safely.

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