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Why is the gas level of the motorcycle not so accurate?
Release date:2024.04.18

Motorcycle has one of the most easy to be questioned by the owner, that is, the motorcycle oil display problem, especially the owner of the car has been using the car, and then the congestion is uncomfortable, and the owner of the motorcycle is more likely to question the oil display of the motorcycle. What is the reason why the motorcycle fuel indicator is not very accurate? Let's first look at how the motorcycle fuel indicator works.

The oil display of the motorcycle depends on the fuel sensor (that is, we often say the oil float), and the fuel sensor changes the resistance value of the sensor according to the level of the oil, so that the oil display of the instrument changes.

Knowing the working principle, we know that if the oil display fails, the first thing that should be checked is the fuel sensor, if the fuel sensor has a resistance wire break, the float has lost buoyancy, and the instrument has a problem, the oil can not be displayed, but the new car generally these three are not easy to fail. So why is the gas indicator still inaccurate?


This is because most of the motorcycle fuel tank is an irregular container, in this container, the level of the oil level change does not fully represent the actual change in the amount of oil, some of the upper half of the tank is small, the lower half of the volume is large, it will occur at the beginning of the motorcycle needle down very fast, such as more than half of the oil indicator, and found that the motorcycle fuel pointer seems to decline slowly. There are many owners mistakenly think that the motorcycle will save fuel for a while and consume fuel for a while. The fuel tank of the car is generally a regular cuboid, therefore, the oil display basically reflects the real fuel consumption of the vehicle, so people who have used the car to ride the motorcycle will doubt the fuel consumption of the motorcycle.

Therefore, we match the fuel consumption of the motorcycle with the actual amount of oil, or to use the motorcycle full tank of oil almost, and then look at the mileage is how much, after three times of calculation, basically can understand the motorcycle oil quantity display table refers to which part is the tank is full, which part is the tank is half full, and that part is the tank is running out of oil. And use these parts to guide the future refueling reference.

Therefore, a lot of things on the motorcycle can be serious, but the oil content is not serious, it can only be said that a basic guiding role can be achieved, and then according to multiple calculations to accurately understand the fuel consumption of the motorcycle.

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