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Frog into a round lamp? Triumphal new three-cylinder 765 exposure, new car a number of upgrades
Release date:2024.04.18

Triumph 765 big frog or will be changed to a single round lamp design, recently friends media captured Triumph in testing the new three-cylinder 765, the new car's front face shape, instrument, frame, rocker arm and so on, compared with the cash has changed a lot.

From the road test model can be found that the biggest change of the new 765 is the use of circular LED headlights, the neck is shortened a lot, is the Triumph to consider giving up - "frog prince" this classic shape used for many years?

In addition, the new 765's rear rocker arm has been redesigned, with no resemblance to the current model, the current design is a bit like Moto2 racing car, should be testing the strength of the geometry, according to this rear rocker arm direction, the previous hidden short exhaust may also change the design scheme.


The fuel tank of the new car is the same as the current 15L, it is interesting that the instrument position of the new model feels lower than the conventional model, the side of the frame is also reserved for the installation hole of the hood, and it seems that even the sports car version of the hood is prepared together.

Triumph is now testing the new 765 is expected to be a round light street car version, the road test model also uses the street car common variable diameter handlebars, side handle mirrors.

At present, the round lamp version 765 is only a test of the engineering sample car, the full version should have a lot of places to improve, the official debut should still have some time. Which do you think is better in the round lamp version of the Triumph 765 than the Frog Prince?

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