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Harley's new road glide, avenue glide listed, the amount does not increase the price, 388800 yuan from
Release date:2024.04.18

Harley-davidson officially released the 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide, both of which, like the CVO series, have some new changes from the engine to the exterior.

The new road glide has canceled the classic double round light design and used a new through-through LED light group, which is expected to improve the lighting effect, but it always feels less dynamic. The 2024 avenue glides on both sides of the original large circle lights, adding a group of LED lights, and the look is more hierarchical than before.


The new car also has optimized aerodynamic design, teardrop shaped fuel tank, larger capacity side box, and color contrast cut cast aluminum wheels (front 19 and back 18), after a series of new designs, the road glide is 7.26kg lighter and the road glide is 8kg lighter.

Both cars feature a new generation of Milwaukee-eight 117V twin-cylinder engine, along with new water-cooled cylinders, low speeds and hot weather for increased comfort. Maximum power 105 HP / 78 kW @ 4600 rpm, maximum torque 176N·m@3250rpm

In terms of braking, the front double floating plate + radial four-piston caliper, the rear fixed plate + one-way caliper; The new car has four driving modes (road, Sport, rain, custom), with corresponding power output, engine braking, corner anti-lock braking system (C-ABS) and corner traction control system (C-TCS) Settings. In addition, there are electronic linkage control, torque control, vehicle stability control, tire pressure monitoring and so on.

Both new cars have a fuel tank capacity of 22.7 liters and an official fuel consumption of 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers, which is expected to be able to run 400 kilometers. Other aspects are 12.3-inch full color TFT touch meter, cool new 200W speaker and so on.

Harley-davidson these two models after a number of optimization and upgrading, the price is the same as 2023, 2024 avenue glide 388800 yuan, road glide 408800 yuan.

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